College Graduate Who Went Viral for Work Struggles Announces Layoff, Expresses Concerns About Job Search

25 December 2023

Brielle Asero, the young woman who gained online fame for her tearful video about the challenges of working life, reveals she has been laid off from her first job out of college and expresses pessimism about finding another position.

In October, Brielle Asero, a 21-year-old college graduate, captured the attention of millions when she shared a heartfelt video on TikTok, shedding light on the difficulties she faced in her new corporate job. The video went viral, sparking a conversation about work culture and the toll it takes on young professionals. Now, Asero has announced that she has been laid off from her role, leaving her uncertain about her future employment prospects. This turn of events highlights the struggles faced by many recent graduates in a challenging job market.

A Viral Video Sheds Light on Work Struggles

In her viral video, Asero expressed her frustration with the demanding 9-to-5 work culture she had encountered for the first time. She spoke about the toll it took on her mental and physical well-being, as well as the lack of time and energy she had outside of work. While the video received mixed reactions, with some criticizing her perspective, many others resonated with her sentiments and shared their own struggles with the traditional 40-hour workweek.

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Laid Off After Five Months on the Job

On December 16, Asero took to TikTok once again to share the news of her layoff. She revealed that she had been let go from the startup she had joined five months prior. Asero explained that the company cited a lack of workload and bandwidth as the reason for her termination. She emphasized that her layoff had nothing to do with her previous viral video and expressed no hard feelings towards her former employer.

Uncertainty and Pessimism in the Job Search

Despite her positive performance reviews and expectations of a good reference, Asero expressed concerns about finding a new job. She set a deadline of January 2 to secure a new position but acknowledged the challenges of job hunting during the holiday season. Asero shared her achievements, including her degree, internships, and portfolio, but admitted to feeling daunted by the prospect of re-entering the job application process. She also revealed that she was considering taking on temporary roles, such as being a nanny or a server, while she searched for a new marketing position.

Financial Hardships and Lack of Savings

Asero’s layoff has left her in a precarious financial situation. She revealed that her previous job barely covered her living expenses, leaving her with no savings to fall back on. Unfortunately, her situation is not uncommon among her generation. A survey conducted by Bank of America earlier this year found that over 50% of Gen Zers do not have enough emergency savings to last them three months. Asero’s struggle highlights the need for financial stability and support for young professionals entering the workforce.

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Brielle Asero’s journey from viral fame to job loss highlights the challenges faced by recent college graduates in today’s competitive job market. Her story resonates with many who have experienced the pressures of the traditional work culture and the difficulties of finding stable employment. As Asero navigates her job search, her story serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing the mental health and financial well-being of young professionals. It also underscores the need for a supportive and inclusive work environment that prioritizes the holistic well-being of employees.

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