Sharon Thompson-Schill: The Passionate Diner and Connector of Philadelphia’s Culinary World

13 January 2024

Meet Sharon Thompson-Schill, the neuroscience professor who has become a fixture in Philadelphia’s dining scene, known for her love of food and her ability to connect chefs and restaurants.

In the bustling city of Philadelphia, where the culinary scene is constantly evolving, there is one person who stands out as a true connoisseur and advocate for the city’s restaurants. Sharon Thompson-Schill, a neuroscience professor at Penn, has become a prominent figure in the dining community, known for her insatiable appetite for extraordinary meals and her unmatched ability to connect chefs, restaurants, and food enthusiasts. With a passion for food that borders on obsession, Thompson-Schill has become a fixture in the city’s dining scene, earning her the title of the “Godmother” of Philadelphia’s culinary world.

The Enthusiastic Diner:

Thompson-Schill’s love for food knows no bounds. She frequents some of the city’s most renowned restaurants, attending multiple dinners in a single night and documenting her culinary adventures on Instagram. While she may not have a massive following on social media, her influence extends far beyond the digital realm. Thompson-Schill is deeply involved in the careers of up-and-coming chefs, attending their pop-up events and supporting their endeavors. Her genuine passion for the people behind the food sets her apart from traditional influencers.

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The Connector:

Thompson-Schill’s role as a connector in the dining scene is unparalleled. She is not only knowledgeable about the latest restaurant openings and closings but also has an uncanny ability to matchmake, bringing together chefs, restaurant owners, and industry professionals. Her connections and introductions have led to collaborations and partnerships that have shaped the culinary landscape of Philadelphia. Chefs and restaurateurs value her opinion and trust her judgment, knowing that her support can make a significant impact on their success.

A New Chapter:

Thompson-Schill’s journey into the dining world took a new turn at the end of 2021. After ending a long-term relationship, she found herself with newfound freedom and a renewed enthusiasm for exploring Philadelphia’s vibrant food scene. She embraced the opportunity to dine out and experience restaurants that were previously inaccessible to her. Thompson-Schill’s dining adventures became a way for her to celebrate her independence and indulge in her love for food.

The Passionate Diner:

Thompson-Schill’s dining escapades are not limited to fine dining establishments. She enjoys a wide range of culinary experiences, from casual dinners at local pubs to exclusive tasting menus at hidden gems. Her enthusiasm for food is infectious, and she relishes the opportunity to share her dining experiences with as many people as possible. Whether dining alone or with friends, Thompson-Schill’s goal is to maximize dish-sharing and create memorable culinary moments.

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The Science of Food:

As a neuroscientist, Thompson-Schill approaches food with the rigor and curiosity of a scientist. She seeks out restaurants that prioritize innovation and change their menus regularly. While she appreciates the classics, she tends to gravitate towards smaller chefs and establishments that offer unique and creative culinary experiences. Thompson-Schill’s passion for food extends beyond the dining table; she often cooks elaborate breakfasts with restaurant leftovers, showcasing the local farmers, butchers, and cheesemongers involved in her Instagram posts.


Sharon Thompson-Schill has carved a unique niche for herself in Philadelphia’s dining scene. Her love for food, coupled with her ability to connect chefs and restaurants, has made her an influential figure in the city’s culinary world. Thompson-Schill’s passion for the people behind the food and her unwavering support for up-and-coming chefs have left a lasting impact on Philadelphia’s dining landscape. As she continues to explore the city’s vibrant food scene, Thompson-Schill’s dining adventures are sure to inspire and delight both food enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

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