Small Minnesota Company Leads Implementation of New FDA Legislation

15 January 2024

SafetyCall International and Pet Poison Helpline revolutionize consumer product safety

In a remarkable turn of events, a small start-up company from Minneapolis has become a trailblazer in transforming consumer product safety. SafetyCall International, along with its subsidiary Pet Poison Helpline, has not only revolutionized an entire industry but has also played a pivotal role in shaping legislation and improving safety in multiple sectors. This article explores the company’s journey, its impact on product safety, and its role in implementing new FDA legislation.

The Tainted Bottle of Tylenol

The story begins with a tainted bottle of Tylenol in the early 1980s. Driven by a passion for human and animal safety, Drs. Leo Sioris and Richard Kingston, along with their colleagues, created Minnesota’s first public poison control center at the University of Minnesota. This center would later evolve into SafetyCall International and Pet Poison Helpline. The team’s success was evident from the start, as they received over 2,000 calls within the first 24 hours of operation.

Transforming Consumer and Pet Product Safety

SafetyCall International and Pet Poison Helpline have been instrumental in transforming consumer and pet product safety in the United States. Their expertise and assistance in adverse event reporting have not only benefited businesses but have also significantly improved product safety for consumers. The companies work closely with government agencies, trade associations, and product manufacturers to meet reporting requirements, manage adverse events, and analyze data for continuous improvement.

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Leading the Way in Legislation

The latest example of SafetyCall International’s impact is the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA), implemented by the FDA on December 29, 2023. This legislation requires cosmetic companies to document health-related adverse events associated with their products, among other reporting requirements. SafetyCall/PPH played a crucial role in developing and implementing the reporting requirements for dietary supplements and worked with the EPA on adverse event reporting for pesticides in the 1990s. Their expertise and collaboration with regulatory bodies have led to significant advancements in product safety.

A Triple-Licensed Medical Practice

One unique aspect of SafetyCall International is that it is the only triple-licensed medical practice in the country, and possibly the world. This distinction allows them to consult on any medical incidents involving humans or animals. They provide poison control response to consumers, human health and veterinary professionals, and consult with product manufacturers on improving safety, labeling, testing, and reporting. Their work even led to the inclusion of the first medical emergency phone number on an EPA-approved label.

Celebrating 20 Years of Impact

SafetyCall International is officially celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2024, but its co-founders have been advocating for safety since the early 1980s. Driven by their vision and dedication, Drs. Sioris and Kingston, along with their partners and colleagues, continue to lead the company today. Their commitment to improving product safety has positively impacted millions of lives over the years.

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Conclusion: SafetyCall International and Pet Poison Helpline have emerged as leaders in consumer and pet product safety. Their expertise, collaboration with regulatory bodies, and dedication to continuous improvement have resulted in significant advancements in the industry. As they celebrate their 20th anniversary, their impact continues to grow, and their work on the implementation of new FDA legislation is a testament to their commitment to improving product safety for all.

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