Sofia Vergara Launches Toty Sun Care Brand: A Journey to Protect and Transform

26 November 2023

The actress and entrepreneur shares her inspiration and vision behind her new sun care brand, Toty, and the transformative power of its products.

For Sofia Vergara, the importance of sun protection and skincare has been a lifelong lesson. Growing up in Colombia, where the sun shines year-round, she experienced firsthand the damaging effects of UV rays on the skin. Now, as an actress and entrepreneur, she is on a mission to provide the perfect combination of sunscreen and makeup with her own sun care brand, Toty. In this article, we delve into the inspiration behind Toty, explore its flagship products, and uncover the beauty rules Sofia swears by.

A Quest for the Perfect Combination

In the 1990s, Sofia Vergara became aware of the significance of sunblock for maintaining youthful skin. However, finding a product that seamlessly blended sunscreen and makeup proved challenging. It was during one of her trips to Europe that she discovered a game-changing product from Cantabria Labs. Using it for 12 years, Sofia realized the need to bring her own version of this innovative formula to the United States. She aimed to create an exceptional foundation with a high SPF factor, offering both protection and coverage.

Toty’s Ilumina: Major Protection with Major Coverage

While Toty’s Ilumina CC Creamy Compact SPF 50+ may have entered the market later than similar products, it stands out for its unique qualities. Sofia describes it as a balm, backed by extensive scientific research. Unlike other products that combine a small amount of foundation with sunblock, Toty’s Ilumina is the real deal. It provides substantial protection against harmful UV rays while offering impressive coverage. Launched in June, this product has become a staple in Sofia’s own skincare routine.

Transforma AHA Serum: Correcting and Transforming

To complement the sun protection provided by Toty’s Ilumina, Sofia introduced the Transforma AHA Serum. This serum is designed to address the damage caused by sun exposure, including melasma and sun spots. Through rigorous laboratory testing and trials on women, it has been proven to gradually fade these imperfections, minimize pores, and enhance luminosity and firmness. Sofia believes in the transformative power of this serum and its ability to restore the skin’s natural radiance.

Sofia’s Beauty Rule: Protect and Cleanse

With her years of experience in the beauty industry, Sofia has developed a multitude of beauty rules she swears by. However, one rule stands out above the rest: always wash your face before going to bed. This simple yet essential step ensures that the skin is free from impurities accumulated throughout the day. Additionally, Sofia emphasizes the importance of protecting the face from the sun, even if she indulges in a little sun exposure for her body. Her dedication to using Toty’s Ilumina has kept her face fair and protected for over a decade.


Sofia Vergara’s journey to launch Toty, her own sun care brand, is a testament to her commitment to sun protection and skincare. Inspired by her personal experiences and armed with a desire to create the perfect combination of sunscreen and makeup, Sofia has introduced Toty’s Ilumina and Transforma AHA Serum to the market. These products offer not only protection but also transformative effects, correcting and enhancing the skin’s appearance. Sofia’s dedication to her beauty routine, particularly her commitment to washing her face before bed and protecting her face from the sun, serves as a reminder of the importance of these simple yet impactful practices. With Toty, Sofia aims to empower individuals to take charge of their skin health and embrace the transformative power of proper sun care.

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