Stanley Quencher: How a Century-Old Company Became a Hydration Juggernaut

25 December 2023

The rise of the Quencher water bottle turned Stanley into one of the biggest names in the industry, appealing to a new demographic and driving record-breaking sales.

For over a century, Stanley had established itself as a reliable drinkware manufacturer, catering to outdoorsmen and blue-collar workers with its iconic green bottles and thermoses. However, in 2020, the introduction of the Quencher water bottle transformed the company’s fortunes. With its appeal to a previously untapped market, Stanley’s annual sales are projected to exceed $750 million by 2023. This article explores how the Quencher propelled Stanley into the forefront of the hydration industry.

Early days: The Quencher, a 40-ounce insulated cup with a handle and a tapered design, was introduced in 2016. Initially, it didn’t make much of an impact, and Stanley’s best-selling product remained the iconic green bottle. However, in 2020, Stanley’s new president, Terence Reilly, discovered the potential of the Quencher through conversations with employees. One employee mentioned a group of women in Utah who ran a commerce blog called The Buy Guide. The blog’s co-founder, Ashlee LeSueur, had become a fan of the Quencher and began recommending it to her followers.

Hydration domination: In 2019, Stanley gave The Buy Guide the opportunity to make a wholesale order of Quenchers to sell directly to their audience. The Quenchers sold out within days, prompting Reilly to work closely with The Buy Guide to promote new colors and finishes. The Quencher quickly surpassed the iconic Stanley bottle as the brand’s top-selling product in 2020. With the of new colors and limited-edition drops, sales continued to soar. Revenue grew from $73 million in 2019 to $402 million in 2022, and the Quencher’s popularity extended beyond its utilitarian function to become a fashion accessory and a reflection of personal style.

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Halo Effect: The Quencher’s success had a positive impact on Stanley’s overall brand. The cup’s popularity on social media raised awareness and improved perceptions of the company. The Stanley name became synonymous with quality and style, benefiting the entire product lineup. With over 10 million Quenchers sold, the demand for Stanley products shows no sign of slowing down.

Conclusion: The rise of the Quencher water bottle has transformed Stanley from a century-old company with modest success to a hydration juggernaut. By tapping into a new market and embracing social media trends, Stanley has experienced record-breaking sales and elevated its brand image. The Quencher’s appeal as a fashion accessory and the excitement generated by limited-edition drops have solidified its status as a must-have item. As Stanley continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, the Quencher remains at the forefront, driving the company’s success and cementing its position as a leader in the hydration industry.

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