Staten Island Couple Breathes New Life into Historic Home, Opening Med Spa

24 December 2023

Dr. Anne Marie Stilwell and Timothy M. Gilman transform a historic H.H. Richardson House into Still Well Med Spa, offering a range of innovative aesthetic treatments.

In a remarkable display of creativity and adaptability, Dr. Anne Marie Stilwell and her husband, Timothy M. Gilman, have repurposed a historic home in Staten Island, New York, into a modern med spa. The couple, driven by a desire to serve their community and inspired by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, have transformed the upper floors of the H.H. Richardson House into a state-of-the-art facility offering a range of aesthetic treatments. This unique endeavor combines Stilwell’s medical expertise with Gilman’s background in law and corporate management, resulting in a truly innovative concept that is capturing the attention of residents and visitors alike.

A Historic Home Finds New Purpose

The H.H. Richardson House, located at 45 McClean Ave. in Arrochar, was designed by renowned architect Henry Hobson Richardson in the 19th century. The building narrowly escaped demolition and received a New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission designation in 2004. Stilwell and Gilman purchased the property in 2006 and have since been operating Still Well Pain Management on the premises. However, it was the upper floors of the building that remained underutilized until the couple embarked on their ambitious project.

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A Vision Born from Adversity

The COVID-19 pandemic presented Stilwell with a unique opportunity to explore new avenues in medicine. As she treated COVID patients on the front lines and witnessed the impact of aesthetic treatments on patients’ well-being, she became inspired to open a med spa. Meanwhile, Gilman’s retirement from his corporate law job at Avon Products, Inc. allowed him to focus on renovating the upper floors of the building to create Still Well Med Spa.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

Still Well Med Spa offers a wide array of services designed to enhance both physical appearance and overall well-being. These include injectables such as Botox, body contouring, laser hair removal, sexual wellness treatments, medical-grade facials, non-invasive facelifts, collagen-building procedures, skin texture improvement, and tattoo removal. Stilwell and her highly trained staff have extensively researched and tested various techniques and products to ensure the highest quality of care for their diverse clientele.

A Family Affair

The Stilwell-Gilman family’s commitment to healthcare extends beyond the med spa. Dr. Stilwell’s youngest daughter, Liv Gilman, provided invaluable support in digital and brand marketing, event planning, and social media for Still Well Med Spa. Additionally, two of the couple’s other children have pursued careers in medicine, with Jake Gilman studying to become an anesthesiologist and Abbey Gilman conducting clinical research in the Anesthesia Department at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

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Conclusion: Dr. Anne Marie Stilwell and Timothy M. Gilman have successfully transformed a historic home into a cutting-edge med spa, offering a range of aesthetic treatments to the Staten Island community. Their innovative approach, driven by a desire to serve and adapt to the changing needs of their patients, has garnered attention and appreciation. Still Well Med Spa stands as a testament to the power of creativity, resilience, and a shared vision to breathe new life into a cherished landmark, while providing top-notch care and rejuvenation to their clients.

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