Tech Millionaire Bryan Johnson Pursues Controversial Anti-Aging Treatment on Remote Caribbean Island

27 December 2023

Bryan Johnson undergoes expensive and unapproved gene therapy in his quest for longevity

Bryan Johnson, a 46-year-old tech millionaire, has become known for his extravagant efforts to reverse his biological age and extend his lifespan. Spending approximately $2 million annually, Johnson’s latest endeavor has led him to a remote Caribbean island for an injectable gene therapy treatment. Despite its hefty price tag of $25,000 per dose, it’s important to note that this therapy is not approved by the FDA and has faced skepticism from some scientists. Johnson’s journey into anti-aging treatments has garnered attention and raised questions about the limits and ethics of pursuing eternal youth.

Follistatin Therapy and its Controversies

Johnson’s recent treatment involves follistatin therapy, a protein said to increase muscle mass and reduce inflammation in the human body. This therapy, offered by biotech startup Minicircle, is not yet backed by substantial medical trial data and lacks FDA approval. While Johnson claims to have undergone the therapy, it remains unclear whether it is truly effective. Some scientists have expressed doubts about its efficacy, adding to the ongoing debate surrounding the legitimacy of anti-aging treatments.

The Financial Aspect of Johnson’s Pursuit

With an annual expenditure of $2 million on anti-aging efforts, Johnson’s dedication to reversing his biological clock is evident. However, despite the high cost associated with follistatin therapy, Johnson reportedly received the treatment from Minicircle without charge. The motivations behind this decision remain unclear, but it highlights the interest and value Johnson brings to the biotech startup.

Project Blueprint and the Quest for Eternal Youth

Johnson’s anti-aging journey is part of his larger program called Project Blueprint. Through this initiative, he aims to achieve a range of youthful attributes, including the skin of a 28-year-old, the heart of a 37-year-old, and the lung capacity of an 18-year-old. These claims, however, have not been independently verified, and the concept of “biological age” itself is subject to ongoing debate within the scientific community.

The Transformation of Bryan Johnson

In 2020, Johnson made a commitment to pursue eternal life, leading him to adopt a radical lifestyle change. He traded in junk food and late nights for a vegan diet and numerous supplements. Johnson’s wealth, amassed from founding the payments processing company Braintree and selling it to eBay for $800 million in 2013, has provided him with the means to explore various anti-aging treatments and invest in his ambitious goal.


Bryan Johnson’s pursuit of anti-aging treatments, culminating in his recent gene therapy experience on a remote Caribbean island, highlights the growing interest and controversy surrounding the quest for eternal youth. While Johnson’s dedication and financial resources have allowed him to explore cutting-edge therapies, the lack of FDA approval and scientific consensus raises questions about the efficacy and safety of these treatments. As the debate on anti-aging continues, it is crucial to balance the desire for longevity with ethical considerations and scientific evidence.

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