Tech Millionaire Bryan Johnson Pursues Injectable Gene Therapy to Reverse Biological Age

26 December 2023

Bryan Johnson invests $2 million annually to extend his lifespan and undergoes experimental follistatin therapy in a bid to reverse his biological age.

Bryan Johnson, a 46-year-old tech millionaire, has embarked on a mission to extend his lifespan and reverse the effects of aging. With an annual expenditure of $2 million, Johnson has developed a program called Project Blueprint, which has led him to a remote Caribbean island for injectable gene therapy. In September, Johnson underwent his first round of follistatin therapy, a protein believed to enhance muscle mass and reduce inflammation. While the therapy is not approved by the FDA and its efficacy remains uncertain, Johnson’s pursuit of longevity has garnered attention and raised questions about the boundaries of anti-aging interventions.

1: The Promise of Follistatin Therapy

Follistatin therapy, offered by biotech startup Minicircle, involves the injection of a protein known as follistatin. This protein is believed to have the potential to increase muscle mass and combat inflammation. However, it comes with a hefty price tag of $25,000 per dose, making it accessible only to a select few. Despite its promising claims, the therapy lacks FDA approval, and some scientists remain skeptical about its effectiveness. Minicircle, backed by billionaire Peter Thiel and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, is yet to publish data on medical trials, further raising doubts about the therapy’s safety and efficacy.

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2: Johnson’s Genetic Enhancement Journey

Bryan Johnson, in his pursuit of longevity, underwent follistatin therapy as part of his Project Blueprint program. In an Instagram post, Johnson referred to himself as a “genetically enhanced human” after receiving his first gene therapy. He claims that his team of doctors has helped him achieve the skin of a 28-year-old, the heart of a 37-year-old, and the lung capacity of an 18-year-old. However, these claims have not been independently verified, and the concept of “biological age” remains a topic of debate among scientists and researchers.

3: Minicircle’s Motivation and Johnson’s Contribution

While Johnson is investing substantial amounts in his anti-aging endeavors, Minicircle’s co-founder, Mac Davis, revealed that the company is not charging the tech millionaire for the therapy. Davis stated that Johnson’s contribution to their research and development is invaluable, surpassing any monetary compensation. This collaboration between Johnson and Minicircle highlights the potential synergy between wealthy individuals seeking longevity and startups aiming to advance their research in the field of anti-aging.

4: The Quest for Immortality

Johnson’s decision to strive for immortality has led to significant lifestyle changes. He has abandoned junk food and late nights in favor of a vegan diet and a regimen of dozens of supplements. While his commitment to a healthy lifestyle is commendable, the pursuit of immortality raises ethical questions and challenges societal norms regarding the inevitability of aging and mortality.

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Bryan Johnson’s pursuit of injectable gene therapy and his quest for immortality have sparked both intrigue and skepticism. While follistatin therapy holds promise in the field of anti-aging, its lack of FDA approval and limited scientific evidence raise concerns about its safety and efficacy. Johnson’s collaboration with Minicircle sheds light on the potential for synergy between wealthy individuals and startups in advancing research in the field of anti-aging. However, the concept of reversing biological age and achieving immortality remains a subject of debate, challenging societal norms and ethical boundaries. As the pursuit of longevity continues, further research and rigorous scientific validation are necessary to determine the true potential of anti-aging interventions.

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