Texas Doctor Linked to Deaths Allowed to Resume Practice Despite Being a “Continuing Threat to the Public”

24 December 2023

Medical License of Dr. Michael Patrick Gallagher Temporarily Restricted Following Fatalities at Med-Spas

A Texas doctor, Dr. Michael Patrick Gallagher, has been granted permission to resume practicing medicine, despite being labeled a “continuing threat to the public” by the state’s medical board. Gallagher’s medical license was temporarily restricted on December 18, following the Texas Medical Board’s determination that his unrestricted practice poses a risk to public welfare. The board found that Gallagher failed to properly supervise an unlicensed individual during intravenous (IV) treatments, resulting in complications and a patient’s death. This is not the first time Gallagher’s license has been suspended, as he was previously linked to two deaths at med-spas in Texas.

Death at Luxe Med Spa in Frisco

In July, Jenifer Cleveland, a 47-year-old married mother of four, tragically died after receiving an IV vitamin infusion at the Luxe Med Spa in Frisco, Texas. Gallagher was listed as the spa’s medical director, although he was allegedly not present during the procedure. The IV was administered by the spa’s owner, Amber Johnson, who was not licensed to do so. Cleveland became unresponsive, and despite the spa’s call to 911, she was pronounced dead at the hospital. The incident led to Gallagher’s license suspension in October.

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Death at Integrity Wellness Center in Coppell

Gallagher is also implicated in the death of patient Kimberly Ray at the Integrity Wellness Center in Coppell, Texas. Ray’s family has filed a lawsuit, alleging that Gallagher, who previously served as the chief of anesthesiology at the center, was involved in her death. Gallagher claims he was not present when Ray died. The details surrounding Ray’s death and Gallagher’s alleged involvement are still under investigation.

Texas Medical Board’s Determination

The Texas Medical Board, in its press release, stated that Gallagher’s unrestricted practice of medicine poses a continuing threat to public welfare. The board’s panel found that his failure to properly supervise an unlicensed individual during IV treatments resulted in complications that the staff was not trained or prepared to manage, ultimately leading to a patient’s death. As a result, Gallagher’s medical license was temporarily restricted, and further action by the board is pending.

Anesthesiology Practice and Restrictions

Although Gallagher is allowed to continue practicing anesthesiology, he is restricted from supervision and delegation in all circumstances. This means that while he can still provide anesthesia services, he cannot oversee or delegate tasks to others. The restrictions aim to prevent any further incidents or complications that could arise from inadequate supervision or delegation.

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The case of Dr. Michael Patrick Gallagher raises concerns about patient safety and the oversight of medical professionals in Texas. Despite being labeled a “continuing threat to the public,” Gallagher has been permitted to resume practicing medicine, albeit with restrictions. The deaths at the Luxe Med Spa and Integrity Wellness Center highlight the potential risks associated with improper supervision and delegation in medical settings. The Texas Medical Board’s decision to temporarily restrict Gallagher’s license underscores the need for thorough investigations and accountability to ensure public safety. As the investigation into these tragic incidents continues, it is crucial for the medical community and regulatory bodies to address any systemic issues and strengthen protocols to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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