Disciplinary Panel Rules Med Spa Doctor ‘a Continuing Threat to Public Welfare’

24 December 2023

Dr. Michael Patrick Gallagher temporarily suspended by the Texas Medical Board in the death of Jenifer Cleveland at Luxe Med Spa in Wortham

In a shocking turn of events, Dr. Michael Patrick Gallagher, a Frisco doctor, has been temporarily suspended by the Texas Medical Board following the death of Jenifer Cleveland at Luxe Med Spa in Wortham. A disciplinary panel has ruled that Dr. Gallagher poses a continuing threat to public welfare, leading to the restriction of his medical license. This decision has sent shockwaves through the medical community and raised concerns about patient safety in med spas.

Restriction on Dr. Gallagher’s Medical License

The Texas Medical Board’s disciplinary panel has imposed immediate restrictions on Dr. Gallagher’s medical license. He is now limited to practicing anesthesiology and is prohibited from supervision and delegation in all circumstances. This means that Dr. Gallagher cannot supervise or delegate prescriptive authority to physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, surgical assistants, or any other individuals, regardless of their licensure status.

Failure to Properly Supervise

The disciplinary panel’s decision was based on the finding that Dr. Gallagher failed to properly supervise an unlicensed individual who was performing intravenous (IV) treatments at Luxe Med Spa. This included administering prescription pharmaceutical solutions, which led to complications that the staff were not trained or prepared to manage. Tragically, these complications resulted in the death of Jenifer Cleveland.

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Ongoing Criminal Investigation

The Wortham Police Department has confirmed that a criminal investigation into Jenifer Cleveland’s death is currently underway. The autopsy report, obtained by 6 News, listed the manner of Cleveland’s death as “undetermined.” While the administration of IV therapy has not been definitively ruled in or ruled out as a contributing factor, it remains a focal point of the investigation.

Impact on the Community

Jenifer Cleveland was a beloved member of the 99.1 KNES Radio family in Fairfield. Her tragic death has left her colleagues and the community devastated. The incident has also ignited a broader conversation about the safety and regulation of med spas, prompting calls for stricter oversight and accountability in the industry.


The temporary suspension and restrictions placed on Dr. Michael Patrick Gallagher’s medical license by the Texas Medical Board highlight the grave consequences of inadequate supervision and oversight in med spas. The tragic death of Jenifer Cleveland serves as a stark reminder of the importance of patient safety and the need for comprehensive regulations to protect the public. As the criminal investigation continues, it is crucial that the medical community and regulatory bodies work together to prevent similar incidents in the future and ensure the well-being of patients seeking medical treatments at med spas.

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