Texas Doctors and Clinics Face Lawsuit After Patient Deaths: Attorney Sheds Light on Troubling Similarities

24 December 2023

Attorney Mike Sawicki represents the Ray family in a lawsuit against Texas doctors and clinics following the death of Kimberly Ray. Similarities between Ray’s case and the recent death of radio host Jenifer Cleveland raise concerns about patient safety.

The death of radio host Jenifer Cleveland shortly after receiving IV therapy treatment at Luxe Med Spa in Wortham has shed light on a larger issue of patient safety in Texas. Attorney Mike Sawicki, who is representing the Ray family in a lawsuit against doctors and clinics involved in Kimberly Ray’s death, has expressed alarm at the similarities between the two cases. Sawicki’s investigation has revealed troubling details about the practices at Integrity Wellness Center, where Ray underwent a pain procedure that ultimately led to her death. As the lawsuit unfolds, questions arise about the supervision and accountability within the medical field.

Disturbing Revelations in Depositions

In a video-taped deposition obtained by 6 News, Dr. Michael Patrick Gallagher, the former chief of anesthesiology at Integrity Wellness Center, claimed he was not present at the clinic on the day Ray died. However, Sawicki notes that Gallagher’s deposition revealed a history of substance abuse and an anxiety disorder. Gallagher also described an environment at work with minimal supervision, stating that anesthesiologists were not supervised by their peers. This lack of oversight raises concerns about the quality of care provided at the center.

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Lack of Supervision and Accountability

Sawicki’s primary concern in Ray’s case was the absence of proper supervision and oversight. Gallagher’s deposition highlighted the lack of a clear chain of command or managerial structure at Integrity Wellness Center. When asked if he felt like he had a boss or manager, Gallagher responded negatively. This revelation raises questions about who was responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of patients at the clinic. Sawicki believes that Ray’s case is indicative of a larger issue within the state, where patients may be at risk due to inadequate credentialing and employee selection processes.

Gallagher’s Termination and Substance Abuse Issues

Following Ray’s death, Gallagher was terminated from Integrity Wellness Center due to ongoing substance abuse issues. Sawicki shares that Gallagher admitted to attending rehab and receiving treatment for generalized anxiety disorder. The video recording of a meeting between Gallagher and a co-worker revealed concerns about his drinking habits and a threat to report him to the board if he didn’t seek help. While Gallagher denied having a drinking problem at the time, his subsequent termination suggests otherwise. These revelations raise questions about the effectiveness of monitoring and addressing substance abuse issues among medical professionals.

Temporary Suspension of Gallagher’s License

In connection to Cleveland’s death, Gallagher’s medical license has been temporarily suspended. This action reflects the seriousness of the allegations and the potential risks posed to patients. Sawicki emphasizes that Gallagher’s case is just one example of a broader problem within the healthcare system in Texas. The lack of standardized credentialing and employee selection processes may expose patients to a “roulette wheel” of care quality, leaving them uncertain about the level of competence and safety they can expect when seeking medical treatment.

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The Human Toll and Lasting Impact

The tragic image of Ray’s 8-year-old daughter waiting in the parking lot, witnessing the arrival of ambulances and never seeing her mother again, haunts Sawicki. The emotional toll on families affected by medical negligence is immeasurable. Sawicki’s pursuit of justice for the Ray family and his efforts to shed light on the larger issue of patient safety in Texas highlight the urgent need for improved oversight, accountability, and patient protection measures.


The deaths of Kimberly Ray and Jenifer Cleveland have exposed troubling similarities and raised concerns about patient safety in Texas. Attorney Mike Sawicki’s investigation into the practices at Integrity Wellness Center has revealed a lack of supervision, accountability, and standardized processes within the healthcare system. The temporary suspension of Dr. Gallagher’s license serves as a stark reminder of the potential risks patients face when seeking medical treatment. As this lawsuit unfolds, it underscores the urgent need for comprehensive reforms to ensure patient safety and restore trust in the healthcare system. The impact on families affected by medical negligence serves as a powerful reminder of the human toll at stake.

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