The Peculiar Expectations of Tech Tycoon Bryan Johnson

21 December 2023

Anti-aging obsessed billionaire Bryan Johnson lists his top 10 expectations for a romantic partner, including unconventional requests and a strict daily regimen.

Bryan Johnson, a 46-year-old tech tycoon, has gained attention for his peculiar expectations in romantic relationships. Known for his anti-aging obsession and strict daily routine, Johnson forewarns potential partners that dating him means adhering to a unique set of guidelines. From scheduled sex to blood plasma treatments, Johnson’s expectations raise eyebrows and make it clear that he won’t be an easy partner to please.

A Rigid Routine and Unconventional Habits

Johnson’s daily routine is meticulously planned and adheres to a strict schedule. He wakes up at 5 a.m., follows a one-hour exercise regimen, and dedicates four to five hours to concentrated thought. Johnson’s routine also includes taking 111 supplements, following a 2,250-calorie vegan diet within a six-hour window, and undergoing blood transfusions and daily health tests. To monitor his nighttime erections, he even hooks himself up to a machine. This commitment to his routine makes it challenging for Johnson to find time for dating.

Unusual Requests for a Romantic Partner

Johnson has shared a list of 10 expectations he has for a romantic partner. Topping the list is the ability to share an 11 a.m. dinner and adhere to an 8:30 p.m. bedtime. Johnson emphasizes that pillow talk is not a priority for him, ranking it as the third-most important thing in a woman. He also expects his girlfriend to sleep alone and has a disdain for small talk. Additionally, Johnson warns potential partners that sunny vacations are off the table and that sex will be scheduled. He also expects his partner to give blood plasma, a treatment he believes contributes to his immortality.

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Blood Plasma Swaps and Legal Battles

Earlier this year, Johnson made headlines when he enlisted his then-17-year-old son as his “blood boy” for a tri-generational blood swap, which also involved Johnson’s 70-year-old father. The procedure involved draining nearly one liter of blood from each participant and exchanging plasma. While Johnson claimed the treatment had significant benefits for his father, he admitted that there were no detected benefits for himself. It remains unclear if Johnson’s ex-fiancée, TV actress Taryn Southern, participated in a blood plasma swap.

Southern, however, filed a civil complaint against Johnson, describing him as manipulative and controlling. She alleged that he pressured her to quit her job and work for him for free, engaged in multiple affairs, and even paid for prostitutes while refusing to commit to monogamy. The lawsuit shed light on Johnson’s unreasonable demands, including requesting a full list of Southern’s past sexual partners and details of their sexual acts. The relationship ended when Southern was completing her breast cancer treatments, and she was eventually ordered to pay Johnson’s legal fees.

Conclusion: Bryan Johnson’s peculiar expectations and strict daily regimen make it clear that he is not an ordinary partner. From his rigid schedule to his unconventional requests, Johnson’s approach to dating raises questions about the sacrifices and compromises required in a relationship with him. While his anti-aging obsession and commitment to his health may be admirable, it remains to be seen if potential partners are willing to meet his unique expectations.

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