Tech Tycoon Bryan Johnson Considers 2024 Presidential Run Amid Controversy Over Unconventional Health Regimen

24 December 2023

Johnson’s political aspirations and recent association with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. raise eyebrows

Venture capitalist Bryan Johnson has made headlines for his unconventional quest to defy the aging process, which includes counting nighttime erections and swapping blood with his son. However, amidst the controversy surrounding his health regimen, Johnson has reportedly considered running in the 2024 presidential election. Recent interactions with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have further fueled speculation about Johnson’s political aspirations.

Johnson’s Political Ambitions and Congressional Hearing Attendance

Despite the blowback he has received online over his health regimen, Johnson has expressed interest in running for president in 2024. Vanity Fair mentioned his political aspirations in passing, noting his attendance at the “first-ever congressional hearing on longevity” on January 25, 2024. Johnson’s tweet about the need for more “nighttime erections” in Washington, D.C. suggests his willingness to discuss his unorthodox health practices if called upon.

Johnson’s Association with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Johnson has been seen socializing with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a former Democrat who is now running for president as an independent. The two have been spotted working out together and sharing meals. While Kennedy has been known for his anti-vaccine views, Johnson has publicly stated that he received the Moderna vaccine and invested in Ginkgo Bioworks, the biotech company involved in its development.

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Johnson’s Unconventional Health Regimen

Johnson’s quest to defy aging involves a unique and extensive health regimen. He claims to eat a daily dessert called “nutty pudding,” consisting of macadamia nuts, walnuts, flax seed, pomegranate juice, and berries. Additionally, he consumes three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil each day. Johnson’s regimen also includes swallowing 111 pills a day, all of which are supplements aimed at combating aging.

Johnson’s Inspirations and Background

In a 2016 interview, Johnson revealed that he was inspired by the book “A Good Man” by Mark Shriver, which details the life of Shriver’s father and his ties to John F. Kennedy’s administration. Johnson’s personal investment venture, the OS Fund, was launched in 2014 with a $100 million investment from Johnson himself. The fortune he made from selling Braintree Payment Solutions to eBay for $800 million in 2013 contributed to this investment.


Bryan Johnson’s consideration of a presidential run in 2024, despite the controversy surrounding his unconventional health regimen, has raised eyebrows. His association with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and attendance at a congressional hearing on longevity further fuel speculation about his political ambitions. While Johnson’s quest to defy aging may be unconventional, his potential candidacy adds an intriguing twist to the upcoming presidential race. Only time will tell if Johnson’s unique approach to health and wellness will resonate with voters.

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