The Rising Trend of Anti-Aging Skincare Among Teenagers: A Preemptive Approach or Unhealthy Obsession?

27 December 2023

As the beauty industry increasingly targets younger consumers, teenagers are embracing anti-aging skincare routines to combat the signs of aging before they even appear.

In a world where flawless skin is highly coveted, teenagers are now joining the quest for eternal youth by adopting extensive anti-aging skincare routines. Influenced by social media, beauty tutorials, and the marketing strategies of cosmetics companies, these young individuals are investing time and money in products promising to stave off wrinkles and preserve their youthful appearance. While some view this trend as a preemptive approach to aging, others question whether it is a healthy obsession driven by societal pressures and unrealistic beauty standards.

The Pressure to Start Young

Teenagers like Carson Bradley, a 14-year-old from Alabama, have embraced elaborate skincare routines to combat the signs of aging before they even occur. Inspired by beauty influencers and skincare experts, Bradley diligently follows a 25-minute routine twice a day, complete with double-cleansing, serums, acids, and moisturizers. Her TikTok video showcasing her skincare regimen went viral, sparking both fascination and concern among viewers.

Marketing Fear and Vulnerability

Cosmetics companies have shifted their focus from targeting acne-prone teens to marketing anti-aging products to younger consumers. By creating a sense of fear and vulnerability, these companies aim to sell more products and build brand loyalty from an early age. The message that “the younger you start, the better” has resonated with impressionable teenagers like Bradley, who see anti-aging skincare as a precautionary measure against future skin concerns.

The Anxieties of Preventative Aging

The push to market anti-aging skincare to younger consumers has led to new anxieties among teenage girls. Concepts like “preventative aging” have sparked worries about what getting older will look like and the pressure to maintain youthful appearances. Teenagers like Lorna Garcia, a 15-year-old from Missouri, express concerns about developing wrinkles at a young age and seek advice on skincare forums and social media platforms.

The Rise of Teen Botox

Some young individuals are taking their anti-aging efforts a step further by considering cosmetic procedures like Botox. Dermatologists have reported an increased interest in these procedures from younger clients who fear the aging process. However, many dermatologists refuse to administer Botox to individuals without visible signs of aging, emphasizing the importance of informed decision-making and the potential risks associated with unnecessary procedures.

Self-Care or Self-Obsession?

For many young people, skincare routines and anti-aging products are about more than just looking good in the future – they provide a sense of control and boost self-confidence in the present. However, the line between self-care and self-obsession becomes blurred when skincare routines are driven by fear of becoming “ugly” or showing visible signs of aging. The intense beauty advice and unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated on social media contribute to this obsession with flawless skin.

Challenging Unrealistic Beauty Standards

As teenagers like Bradley navigate the world of skincare, they are confronted with unrealistic beauty standards and filters that distort their perception of perfect skin. The pressure to achieve poreless, smooth skin akin to plastic can lead to feelings of frustration and anxiety. However, moments of self-reflection and acceptance, like Bradley’s realization that imperfections are natural and aging is inevitable, provide a counterbalance to these harmful expectations.


The rising trend of anti-aging skincare among teenagers raises important questions about societal pressures, beauty standards, and the role of the beauty industry in shaping young minds. While some argue that these skincare routines are a preemptive approach to aging, others caution against the obsession with flawless skin and the potential negative impact on mental health. As teenagers navigate this complex landscape, it is crucial to promote self-acceptance, challenge unrealistic beauty standards, and emphasize the importance of informed decision-making when it comes to skincare and cosmetic procedures.

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