Urban Decay Setting Spray: The Holy Grail for Long-Lasting Makeup

24 January 2024

Discover the secret to a flawless makeup look that withstands the test of time

In the world of makeup, finding products that can withstand the demands of a busy day or a special occasion can be a challenge. Smudged eyeliner, faded foundation, and creased eyeshadow are all too familiar struggles. But what if there was a magic potion that could keep your makeup looking fresh and flawless for hours on end? Enter the Urban Decay Setting Spray, a cult-favorite product that has gained a reputation for its ability to lock in your makeup look and defy the elements. With countless rave reviews and real-life testimonials, it’s time to explore why this setting spray has become a holy grail for makeup enthusiasts everywhere.

The Ultimate Test: A Wedding Day

For BuzzFeed Shopping editor Jenae Sitzes, the Urban Decay Setting Spray was put to the ultimate test on a wedding day that involved multiple train rides and crowded rooms with limited airflow. Despite sweating profusely, Sitzes was amazed to find her makeup looking flawless by the end of the night, all thanks to this setting spray. The initial hesitation of spraying a product on top of carefully crafted makeup quickly dissipated as the spray dried quickly and left no heavy or sticky residue. Even with dry and sensitive skin, Sitzes experienced no issues, and her makeup looked better than ever after hours of wear.

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Taylor Swift Concert: A True Endurance Test

But the true testament to the Urban Decay Setting Spray’s power came during the Taylor Swift Eras Tour. Sitzes applied her makeup at 2 p.m. and, thanks to the setting spray, it remained intact until she arrived home after 2 a.m. The spray endured the challenges of public transportation, waiting in lines under the scorching sun, meals and drinks, jumping, screaming, and even shedding tears during the show. Liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow, non-waterproof mascara, foundation, blush, and even glitter were unfazed by the demanding circumstances. Sitzes attributes the longevity of her makeup to this trusty setting spray.

Rave Reviews and Testimonials

The praise for the Urban Decay Setting Spray extends beyond Sitzes’ personal experience. Countless users have shared their love for this product, with one reviewer on Amazon exclaiming, “I wish I had found this sooner! My makeup did not budge while wearing this!” The spray has become a staple for those seeking a long-lasting makeup look that can withstand the challenges of everyday life or special occasions. With its reputation for delivering on its promises, it’s no wonder that makeup enthusiasts continue to repurchase this setting spray.

Where to Find the Urban Decay Setting Spray

For those eager to experience the magic of the Urban Decay Setting Spray, it is readily available on Amazon for $16+ in two different sizes. The accessibility of this product ensures that anyone can achieve a flawless and long-lasting makeup look without breaking the bank.

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The Urban Decay Setting Spray has become a game-changer in the world of makeup. Its ability to lock in your carefully crafted look and withstand the challenges of everyday life or special events has made it a must-have for beauty enthusiasts. With real-life testimonials and rave reviews, it’s clear that this setting spray lives up to its hype. Whether you’re attending a wedding, dancing the night away at a concert, or simply want your makeup to last all day, the Urban Decay Setting Spray is the secret weapon you’ve been searching for. Say goodbye to smudged eyeliner and faded foundation, and hello to a flawless and long-lasting makeup look.

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