Donald Trump’s Net Worth Trial: Unraveling the Chicanery

25 December 2023

A comprehensive examination of the deceptive strategies employed by Donald Trump in his civil fraud trial, exposing the alleged exaggeration of his net worth by billions of dollars.

In a high-stakes civil fraud trial in New York, Donald Trump stands accused of inflating his net worth by billions of dollars. While the defense argues that valuing real estate is subjective, the allegations against Trump reveal a web of chicanery that goes beyond mere differences in opinion. As both sides prepare for a verdict that could have far-reaching consequences for Trump’s real estate empire, this article delves into the schemes he is accused of using to deceive in his official net worth statements.

1: ‘The sky is green’

The attorney general’s case highlights instances where Trump allegedly lied about objective facts, with the most notable example being his claim that his Trump Tower triplex penthouse was 30,000 square feet when it is actually just under 11,000 square feet. Testimony from a former Trump Organization executive reveals how this false number was included in Trump’s net worth statements for five years. The discrepancy in square footage raises questions about the integrity of Trump’s valuation practices.

2: ‘Strings? What strings?’

The attorney general alleges that Trump valued assets as if there were no legal restrictions, inflating their worth. One example is Trump’s valuation of rent-stabilized apartments at the Trump Park Avenue building, ignoring the fact that they were subject to rent-stabilized restrictions. By doing so, Trump allegedly increased the value of each unit by as much as 700%. The defense argues that these units could be converted into market-value condominiums in the future, but the judge emphasizes that net worth statements should reflect current values, not speculative future values.

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3: A ‘Madness to his methods’

Trump is accused of misrepresenting the methods he used to value his assets. The attorney general points to Trump’s golf resorts, where he allegedly added a brand premium to their values despite denying doing so. Trial evidence contradicts Trump’s claims, showing explicit line items indicating the inclusion of brand value. Additionally, Trump is accused of adding the value of licensing deals that were not yet signed, further inflating his net worth. These alleged misrepresentations raise questions about the accuracy and transparency of Trump’s valuation practices.

4: ‘Damn the appraisals’

The attorney general’s case also highlights instances where Trump valued properties significantly higher than their appraised values. One such example is Trump’s Seven Springs estate, which was appraised at below $30 million but valued by Trump at $261 million in 2011. Trump’s alleged disregard for professional appraisals and his substantial overvaluation of properties suggest a deliberate attempt to inflate his net worth. These actions call into question the integrity of Trump’s financial statements.


As the trial progresses, the allegations against Donald Trump paint a picture of systematic deception in his net worth statements. The chicanery goes beyond differences in valuation methods and subjective opinions. If found liable for fraud, Trump’s real estate empire could face severe consequences. This trial serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency and accuracy in financial reporting, particularly for public figures with significant influence and impact. The verdict, expected in January, will reveal the extent of Trump’s alleged fraudulent practices and their potential legal repercussions.

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