UToledo Leads the Way in Cosmetic Science Education with First-of-its-Kind Graduate Program

8 December 2023

UToledo’s cosmetic science program expands to offer both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, paving the way for students to excel in the cosmetic industry.

The University of Toledo (UToledo) in Ohio has achieved a significant milestone in the field of cosmetic science education. UToledo was the first university in the United States to offer a bachelor’s degree in cosmetic science, and now they are set to launch the country’s first graduate program in the field. This expansion solidifies UToledo’s position as a leader in cosmetic science education, providing students with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in formulation and product design. With a focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and innovation, UToledo is shaping the future of the cosmetic industry.

A Unique Approach to Cosmetic Science Education

UToledo’s cosmetic science program stands out from other related degrees by its emphasis on formulation and product creation. Students gain a deep understanding of the ingredients, manufacturing processes, and functions of cosmetic products. Alison Wery, an assistant lecturer and former graduate of the program, highlights this unique aspect, explaining that students can analyze any product and understand its composition and purpose. This specialized knowledge sets UToledo’s program apart from others, making it a hub for aspiring cosmetic scientists.

Hands-On Experience and Product Innovation

Students in the undergraduate program at UToledo have the opportunity to gain practical experience by formulating a wide range of cosmetic products. From makeup and skincare to wellness products, they learn the art and science behind creating effective and safe formulations. Jada Alcantara, a senior in the program, shares her passion for making products that cater to diverse needs, such as creating shades for different skin tones and researching halal products. This focus on inclusivity and innovation prepares students to meet the evolving demands of the cosmetic industry.

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Empowering Women in STEM

The cosmetic science undergraduate degree at UToledo has a predominantly female student body, providing a supportive and empowering environment for women in STEM fields. Anna Spaulding, a junior in the program, expresses her inspiration from seeing successful alumni in chemistry, manufacturing, engineering, and research and development. UToledo’s program not only equips students with technical skills but also instills confidence and ambition to pursue various career paths within the cosmetic industry.

Expanding Opportunities in the Cosmetic Industry

Dr. Gabriella Baki, the director of the program, emphasizes the vast array of opportunities available in the cosmetic industry. Graduates of UToledo’s cosmetic science program can enter diverse fields such as manufacturing, engineering, and marketing. The program equips students with a strong foundation in science and formulation, enabling them to contribute to product development, research, and innovation. With the launch of the graduate program, UToledo is further expanding opportunities for students to excel in the cosmetic industry and make a lasting impact.


UToledo’s cosmetic science program has emerged as a trailblazer in the field of cosmetic science education. With the addition of the graduate program, UToledo becomes the first university in the United States to offer both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in cosmetic science. The program’s unique focus on formulation, hands-on experience, and commitment to inclusivity and sustainability sets it apart from other programs. By empowering women in STEM and providing students with comprehensive knowledge and skills, UToledo is shaping the future of the cosmetic industry. As the demand for cosmetic products continues to grow, UToledo’s graduates will play a vital role in creating safe, effective, and innovative solutions for consumers worldwide.

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