Woman Tricked into Job at Cosmetic Surgery Company, Pressured into Getting Nose Job

31 December 2023

Unethical Practices in the Workplace Raise Concerns

A young woman in China, surnamed Chen, found herself in a distressing situation after being tricked into taking a job at a cosmetic surgery company. What seemed like a routine receptionist position quickly turned into a nightmare when her employer pressured her into getting a nose job, resulting in significant debt. Chen’s story sheds light on unethical practices within the workplace and raises concerns about the exploitation of vulnerable employees.

Pressure to Undergo Cosmetic Procedure

During the interview process, Chen was asked about her interest in cosmetic surgery, which she initially dismissed as routine given the nature of the company. However, after signing the employment contract, she faced consistent pressure from two employees to undergo a cosmetic procedure, with the promise that it would enhance her career prospects. Despite expressing her financial constraints as a university student, her colleagues persisted, even suggesting she take out a loan to finance the surgery.

Coerced into Debt

Feeling trapped and coerced, Chen eventually succumbed to the pressure and went for a consultation at another clinic. There, she took out a 25,000-yuan loan for a nose job, which she would be paying off over the next two years. Chen expressed regret, stating that everything happened so quickly that she didn’t even have a chance to refuse. This experience highlights the vulnerability of employees and the potential for manipulation within certain industries.

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Shift in Employment Dynamics

Upon returning to work after her recovery, Chen noticed a shift in the atmosphere at the company. Her job duties were changed from receptionist to consultant, and her colleagues began criticizing her professional abilities. They accused her of sabotaging potential clients and causing financial losses. Chen began to suspect that the job offer may have been a trap, and her suspicions were confirmed when she found negative reviews online about the company.

Discrepancies in Contract and Resignation

When Chen decided to resign on December 10, she discovered discrepancies in her contract. The actual salary was only 3,000 yuan, significantly lower than the 4,100 yuan promised. Furthermore, she was only paid 690 yuan for six days of work. Chen expressed her frustration, stating that she had hoped to start working young to support her family financially, but instead, she found herself burdened with tens of thousands of yuan in debt.

Outrage and Calls for Investigation

Chen’s story resonated with many online observers, who expressed outrage at the company’s unethical practices. Some criticized the company for deceiving employees and treating them as potential clients rather than valued staff members. Calls for thorough investigations into such companies were made, emphasizing the harm they can inflict, particularly on inexperienced new graduates. The exploitation of students’ innocence was condemned, and the need for businesses to operate with integrity and respect for employees was highlighted.

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Chen’s harrowing experience at a cosmetic surgery company highlights the darker side of the workplace, where employees can be manipulated and exploited. Her story serves as a reminder of the importance of ethical practices and the need for comprehensive regulations to protect vulnerable individuals. It also underscores the responsibility of companies to treat their employees with fairness and respect, rather than viewing them as mere assets to exploit. Chen’s journey serves as a cautionary tale and a call to action for both employees and employers to prioritize integrity and transparency in the workplace.

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