Celebrities Light Up the Holidays with Spectacular Christmas Trees

25 December 2023

A glimpse into the festive decorations and heartwarming moments of your favorite stars

As the holiday season approaches, celebrities are finding unique ways to spread joy and embrace the festive spirit. Beyond their glamorous Hollywood personas, these stars are stepping out of the spotlight to showcase their creativity and personal touch when it comes to decorating their Christmas trees. From Terry Crews to Lizzo and Corinne Olympios, these celebrities are adding a touch of magic to their homes and capturing the essence of the holiday season.

1: Terry Crews – A Tree Fit for a Superstar

Terry Crews, known for his larger-than-life personality, has taken his Christmas tree decoration to new heights. With his infectious energy and love for the holiday season, Crews has created a tree that truly reflects his vibrant spirit. Adorned with dazzling lights, bold ornaments, and a touch of humor, Crews’ tree brings a sense of joy and excitement to his home. In a recent photo, he can be seen striking a pose next to his masterpiece, radiating pure holiday cheer.

2: Lizzo – A Tree that Shines Bright

Lizzo, the Grammy-winning artist known for her empowering music and vibrant personality, has brought her unique style to her Christmas tree. With a combination of glitz, glamour, and a sprinkle of her signature sparkle, Lizzo’s tree is a true reflection of her larger-than-life persona. Adorned with bold colors, oversized ornaments, and a touch of whimsy, her tree exudes confidence and positivity. Lizzo’s infectious smile in front of her tree reminds us all to embrace our individuality and spread joy during the holiday season.

3: Corinne Olympios – A Tree with a Personal Touch

Reality TV star Corinne Olympios has taken a sentimental approach to her Christmas tree decoration. With a focus on cherished memories and personal mementos, Olympios has created a tree that tells her unique story. Adorned with handmade ornaments, family photographs, and sentimental trinkets, her tree serves as a visual representation of the love and joy shared within her family. Olympios’ heartfelt pose next to her tree reminds us of the importance of family and the power of nostalgia during the holiday season.

4: Kelly Rowland – A Tree of Love and Togetherness

Kelly Rowland, the multi-talented singer and actress, has embraced the true meaning of the holiday season with her Christmas tree. In a heartwarming photo, Rowland and her child can be seen basking in the love and happiness that surrounds their beautifully decorated tree. With a focus on family and togetherness, Rowland’s tree serves as a reminder of the joy that can be found in the simple moments shared with loved ones. Rowland’s radiant smile captures the essence of the holiday spirit and reminds us all to cherish the gift of family.

5: Hoda Kotb – A Tree of Traditions

Television host Hoda Kotb has created a Christmas tree that celebrates the traditions and values that are dear to her heart. With the assistance of her two daughters, Kotb carefully places the final touches on their tree, including a special tree-topper. This heartwarming moment captures the essence of the holiday season, as families come together to create lasting memories and carry on cherished traditions. Kotb’s photo serves as a reminder of the importance of passing down family customs and the joy that can be found in the simplest of traditions.


As the holiday season approaches, celebrities are embracing the festive spirit by adorning their Christmas trees with unique and personal decorations. From Terry Crews’ vibrant and humorous tree to Lizzo’s bold and glamorous display, these stars are spreading joy and creativity through their festive decor. Corinne Olympios reminds us of the power of nostalgia, while Kelly Rowland and Hoda Kotb emphasize the importance of family and togetherness during this special time of year. These celebrities serve as a reminder that the holiday season is not only about glitz and glamour but also about love, joy, and the cherished moments shared with loved ones.

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