Disciplinary Panel Rules Med Spa Doctor ‘a Continuing Threat to Public Welfare’

27 December 2023

Dr. Michael Patrick Gallagher temporarily suspended by the Texas Medical Board following the death of a patient at Luxe Med Spa

In a shocking turn of events, the Texas Medical Board has temporarily restricted the medical license of Dr. Michael Patrick Gallagher, a Frisco doctor, following the death of a patient at Luxe Med Spa in Wortham. The disciplinary panel ruled that Dr. Gallagher’s unrestricted practice of medicine poses a continuing threat to public welfare. This decision has left the medical community and the public questioning the safety and oversight of med spas.

Allegations of Improper Supervision and Delegation

The Texas Medical Board Bulletin reveals that Dr. Gallagher failed to properly supervise an unlicensed individual performing intravenous (IV) treatments, resulting in complications that staff were ill-equipped to handle. This lack of supervision led to the tragic death of Jenifer Cleveland, a patient at Luxe Med Spa. The board panel found that Dr. Gallagher’s negligence in overseeing the administration of prescription pharmaceutical solutions contributed to the patient’s death.

Temporary Restrictions and Ongoing Criminal Investigation

As a result of the disciplinary panel’s ruling, Dr. Gallagher’s medical license has been temporarily restricted. He is now only permitted to practice anesthesiology and is prohibited from supervising or delegating tasks to physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, surgical assistants, or any other individuals, licensed or not. These restrictions are in place to ensure public safety while the board continues its investigation.

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The Wortham Police Department has confirmed that a criminal investigation into Jenifer Cleveland’s death is ongoing. The autopsy report, obtained by 6 News, stated that the manner of her death is currently classified as “undetermined.” While the report does not definitively attribute the administration of IV therapy as the cause of death, it does not rule it out either.

Med Spa Safety and Oversight Concerns

The tragic incident at Luxe Med Spa has raised serious concerns about the safety and oversight of med spas across the country. Med spas have gained popularity in recent years, offering a range of cosmetic procedures and treatments in a spa-like environment. However, the line between medical practice and aesthetic services can often be blurred, leading to potential risks for patients.

The case of Dr. Gallagher highlights the importance of proper supervision and delegation in med spas. The use of IV therapy and the administration of prescription pharmaceutical solutions should only be performed by qualified medical professionals who are trained to handle any complications that may arise.

Implications for the Medical Community

The temporary restriction of Dr. Gallagher’s medical license sends a clear message to the medical community about the consequences of negligence and improper supervision. It serves as a reminder that patient safety should always be the top priority. Med spas and other medical facilities must ensure that their practices align with the highest standards of care and that proper oversight is in place to protect patients.

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The disciplinary panel’s ruling against Dr. Michael Patrick Gallagher has shed light on the potential dangers of inadequate supervision and delegation in med spas. The tragic death of Jenifer Cleveland at Luxe Med Spa has prompted a closer examination of safety measures and oversight protocols in these facilities. As the investigation continues, it is crucial for the medical community to address these concerns and prioritize patient safety above all else. The case serves as a stark reminder that the practice of medicine should always be guided by the highest ethical standards and a commitment to protecting the welfare of the public.

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