Fight Dehydration: Staying Hydrated in the Skies

14 February 2024

Flight attendants share their tips for combating dehydration during air travel

Air travel can be a thrilling experience, but it also comes with its challenges. One of the most common issues faced by passengers and flight crew alike is dehydration. The dry cabin air, altitude, and limited access to fluids can quickly lead to a lack of hydration. In this article, we explore the insights and strategies shared by experienced flight attendants on how to combat dehydration and stay refreshed during flights.

The Importance of Drinking Water

Flight attendants unanimously agree that the key to fighting dehydration is simple: drink water. Loree, a seasoned flight attendant, emphasizes the importance of staying hydrated, comparing the effect of water on her body to the shriveling water bottles on her drink cart at cruising altitude. She always encourages passengers, especially new hires, to drink plenty of water throughout the flight.

Pre-Flight Hydration

Chiropractor-turned-flight attendant Courtney Acree has a unique approach to staying hydrated. She prioritizes pre-flight hydration by drinking as much water as she can the night before traveling. Acree also adds supplements to her water, such as electrolytes found in products like Liquid I.V. This proactive approach ensures that she starts her journey well-hydrated, knowing that it may be challenging to constantly drink water during a busy flight.

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Flight Attendant Hydration Practices

Flight attendant Simpson reveals an unspoken rule among her Southwest Airlines colleagues: drinking two 12-ounce waters for every hour of flight time. This practice ensures that flight attendants maintain their hydration levels throughout the duration of the flight. It serves as a reminder to prioritize water intake, even during busy periods.

Tips for Passengers

Flight attendants also offer tips for passengers to combat dehydration during air travel. They recommend bringing an empty water bottle through security and filling it up at water stations in the airport. This way, passengers have access to water throughout the flight without relying solely on the beverage service. Additionally, avoiding excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption, which can further dehydrate the body, is advised.

Hydration Beyond Water

While water is the primary recommendation for staying hydrated, flight attendants also suggest consuming hydrating foods and beverages. Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as herbal teas, can provide additional hydration. Flight attendants often carry their own snacks, such as cucumber slices or watermelon, to stay refreshed during long flights.


Staying hydrated during air travel is crucial for both passengers and flight attendants. The simple act of drinking water can combat the effects of dehydration caused by the dry cabin air and altitude. Flight attendants emphasize the importance of pre-flight hydration, setting a good foundation for the journey ahead. By adopting these strategies and incorporating hydrating foods and beverages, passengers can ensure a more comfortable and refreshing travel experience. So, the next time you board a flight, remember to drink up and fight dehydration in the skies.

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