The Painful Side of Morpheus8: A Flight Attendant’s Experience with Laser Treatment

28 December 2023

A flight attendant shares her journey with Morpheus8, a popular laser treatment for fine lines and collagen production, and the unexpected pain and scarring she experienced.

Being a flight attendant comes with its own set of challenges, including jet lag, dehydration, and sleep deprivation. But for one flight attendant, her skin-care concerns went beyond the usual. Constant exposure to radiation at high altitudes and being surrounded by celebrities with flawless skin led her to explore various treatments, including Morpheus8. However, her experience with this laser treatment took an unexpected turn, leaving her with intense pain and lingering scarring.

The allure of celebrity skin

Working closely with celebrities and the wealthy elite, the flight attendant found herself influenced by their flawless skin and seemingly ageless appearance. The desire to maintain a youthful look in the face of constant exposure to radiation and the pressure of being in the public eye led her to explore different skin-care treatments.

The to Morpheus8

After witnessing the impressive results of a friend who had undergone Morpheus8 treatments, the flight attendant decided to give it a try. She found a med-spa offering the treatment at a more affordable price than other services and eagerly booked a package of four treatments for her face and neck.

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The painful reality

Despite having tried various skin-care procedures in the past, the flight attendant was unprepared for the level of pain she experienced during her Morpheus8 treatments. Even with an hour of numbing cream, the sensation of hot needles penetrating her skin was excruciating. She described the feeling as if chunks of her skin were being burned off, causing her to squirm and lose control of her body during the procedure.

Lingering scars and disappointment

While the flight attendant had experienced minimal downtime and quick healing after her first three Morpheus8 treatments, her fourth session took a different turn. The pain was unbearable, and she had to ask the technician to stop. To her dismay, she was left with visible scarring, resembling a grid-like pattern on her cheeks and neck. The disappointment and frustration of spending money on a treatment that resulted in scarring added to her skin-care concerns.

The aftermath and the road to recovery

Over a year later, the flight attendant still sees faint scarring from her Morpheus8 treatments. She has turned to retinol and facials with nanoneedling to help improve the appearance of the scars. She advises others to be cautious when considering Morpheus8 and to thoroughly research the provider before undergoing the treatment. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of not opting for a treatment solely based on its affordability.

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The flight attendant’s experience with Morpheus8 serves as a cautionary tale for those considering laser treatments for their skin. While the treatment may offer promising results for some, the potential for intense pain and scarring should not be overlooked. It is crucial to thoroughly research and choose a reputable provider to minimize the risk of adverse effects. Ultimately, the flight attendant’s journey highlights the importance of being well-informed and cautious when it comes to making decisions about our skin.

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