The Painful Reality of Morpheus8: A Flight Attendant’s Experience with Skin Treatments

29 December 2023

A flight attendant shares her journey of seeking flawless skin through various treatments, including the controversial Morpheus8.

Being a flight attendant is not all glamorous as it seems. The constant exposure to radiation, jet lag, and dehydration takes a toll on their skin. In an industry where appearances matter, flight attendants often resort to various skin treatments to maintain a youthful and radiant complexion. One flight attendant shares her experience with different procedures, including her encounter with the painful and controversial Morpheus8 treatment.

1: Influenced by Celebrities and the One Percent

Constantly surrounded by celebrities and the wealthy, the flight attendant became influenced by their flawless skin and their willingness to undergo various procedures. The desire to maintain a youthful appearance led her to explore different treatments, including Botox and chemical peels.

2: The to Morpheus8

After witnessing the remarkable results of a friend who underwent Morpheus8 treatments, the flight attendant decided to give it a try. She found a med-spa offering the treatment at a relatively affordable price and decided to go for it. The package included four treatments for a total cost of $2,300.

3: The Painful Reality of Morpheus8

The flight attendant describes her experience with Morpheus8 as the most painful treatment she has ever undergone. Despite being numbed for an hour before the procedure, the sensation felt like a hot hole puncher being pressed deep into her skin. The pain was intense but relatively short-lived, lasting around 15 minutes for the entire face and neck treatment. The aftermath involved bleeding and a grid-like pattern on the skin.

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4: A Surprising Reaction

During her fourth Morpheus8 treatment, the flight attendant experienced an unprecedented level of pain. Squirming in her seat and unable to sit still, she had to ask the technician to stop. This reaction was unexpected, as she had undergone the treatment three times before without such extreme discomfort. The flight attendant questions whether the machine malfunctioned or if there was another underlying cause for her heightened sensitivity.

5: Lingering Scarring and the Domino Effect

Over a year later, the flight attendant still sees faint scarring from the Morpheus8 treatment. Although the marks have diminished in size, she worries about the long-term effects and the need for additional treatments, such as peels, to address the scarring caused by Morpheus8. This domino effect has left her questioning the decision to undergo the treatment in the first place.


The flight attendant’s experience with Morpheus8 sheds light on the potential risks and outcomes of popular skin treatments. While some individuals may achieve desired results, others may face unexpected pain and scarring. It serves as a reminder to carefully research and choose reputable providers when considering any cosmetic procedure. The flight attendant’s journey highlights the importance of informed decision-making and the potential consequences of chasing perfection in the pursuit of flawless skin.

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