Frisco Doctor Loses License Temporarily After Woman Dies Following IV Therapy Treatment

24 December 2023

Dr. Michael Patrick Gallagher suspended by Texas Medical Board due to “continuing threat to public welfare

A Frisco doctor, Dr. Michael Patrick Gallagher, has temporarily lost his medical license following the death of a woman who received an IV therapy treatment at a medical spa. The Texas Medical Board suspended Gallagher’s license, citing his actions as a “continuing threat to public welfare.” The suspension will remain in effect until further action is taken by the board. This incident has raised concerns about the safety and regulation of IV therapy treatments in medical spas.

1: Tragic Incident at Luxe Med Spa

In July, a patient named Jenifer Cleveland died while receiving an IV therapy infusion at Luxe Med Spa in Wortham, Texas. The treatment included Vitamin B complex, ascorbic acid, B12, and TPN electrolytes. The IV therapy was administered by spa owner Amber Johnson. Cleveland was found unresponsive shortly after the treatment began and despite efforts to resuscitate her, she passed away at a hospital in Mexia. An autopsy is pending to determine the exact cause of her death.

2: Allegations against Dr. Gallagher

The Texas Medical Board alleges that Dr. Gallagher, who served as the medical director for Luxe Med Spa, allowed Johnson to order TPN electrolyte solution and other prescription solutions using his credentials. TPN electrolyte solution requires a prescription and is known to cause complications due to the potassium chloride in it. The board claims that Luxe Med Spa did not have proper protocols, policies, or procedures for the administration of IV therapy, putting patients at risk. The board also noted that no medically licensed or experienced personnel were present during the treatments.

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3: Lack of Supervision and Oversight

The board’s suspension order highlights Gallagher’s lack of supervision and oversight at Luxe Med Spa. Despite being the medical director, Gallagher only visited the spa on three occasions, including the day Cleveland died. The board argues that his actions present a “continuing threat to the public health, safety, and welfare of Texas citizens.” The lack of proper medical supervision and oversight raises concerns about the risks associated with IV therapy treatments in unregulated settings.

4: IV Therapy’s Popularity and Concerns

IV therapy lounges and drip bars have gained popularity in recent years, with promises of boosting hydration, energy, immunity, and fighting signs of aging. Some treatments are specifically tailored to help with hangovers, illnesses, or jet lag. However, many physicians urge caution, highlighting the potential complications associated with IV therapy, such as clotting, inflammation, and infection. Additionally, the lack of regulation and medical oversight in many centers raises concerns about the safety and efficacy of these treatments.


The temporary suspension of Dr. Michael Patrick Gallagher’s medical license following the death of a patient during an IV therapy treatment at Luxe Med Spa has brought attention to the safety and regulation of such treatments. The Texas Medical Board’s allegations against Gallagher and the lack of proper protocols and medical supervision at the spa highlight the potential risks involved with IV therapy in unregulated settings. As the popularity of IV therapy continues to grow, it is crucial to ensure proper oversight and regulation to protect the health and well-being of patients.

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