Nonprofit Seeks Change in Patient Safety After Tragic Death at Texas Medical Spa

24 December 2023

TX 400, a nonprofit organization comprising Texas physicians, aims to promote patient safety and advocate for legislative changes following the untimely death of Jenifer Cleveland at a medical spa in Wortham, Texas.

The tragic death of Jenifer Cleveland at a medical spa in Wortham, Texas has prompted TX 400, a nonprofit organization consisting of Texas physicians, to take action. Dr. Mary Kelly Green, co-founder of TX 400, highlights the increasing overlap between the roles of physicians and non-physicians, emphasizing the potential dangers that can arise as a result. Cleveland’s unfortunate passing has shed light on the need for transparency and accountability in the healthcare industry, prompting TX 400 to advocate for change.

A Life Cut Short: Jenifer Cleveland’s Tragic Story

Jenifer Cleveland, a cherished mother, wife, and friend, lost her life after receiving IV treatment at Luxe Med Spa in Wortham. Shockingly, the treatment was administered by the spa’s owner, Amber Johnson, who lacked the necessary license to perform such procedures. Dr. Green expresses her outrage at the situation, stating that individuals without proper medical qualifications should never be allowed to administer medical treatments.

Pushing for Legislative Change: Jenifer’s Law

Dr. Green is determined to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future. She calls for the implementation of new legislation that strengthens supervision, ensures transparency for patients, and holds licensed medical personnel accountable. Driven by the support of a state senator’s office and Cleveland’s widower, Dr. Green aims to honor Jenifer Cleveland and send a strong message that Texas will not tolerate such practices any longer.

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A Warning from the Texas Medical Board

The Texas Medical Board has taken notice of the concerning trend of non-medical establishments offering medical procedures. Dr. Green commends the board for issuing a strong warning to physicians, signaling a step in the right direction. The board’s recent temporary suspension of a physician’s license in Frisco, Texas, who allowed an unlicensed individual to administer prescription drugs to Cleveland, further highlights the need for stricter regulations and oversight.

Taking Action: Filing Complaints with the Texas Medical Board

In an effort to hold medical professionals accountable, the Texas Medical Board allows anyone to file a complaint. Dr. Green encourages individuals to utilize this avenue to report any instances of malpractice or unlicensed individuals performing medical procedures. By doing so, patients can contribute to creating a safer healthcare environment for all.


The tragic death of Jenifer Cleveland has spurred TX 400, a nonprofit organization of Texas physicians, to advocate for change in patient safety regulations. Dr. Green’s call for new legislation aims to strengthen supervision, increase transparency, and ensure accountability for licensed medical personnel. The actions of the Texas Medical Board in temporarily suspending a physician’s license demonstrate a step in the right direction. By filing complaints with the board, individuals can actively contribute to creating a safer healthcare system that prioritizes patient well-being. The memory of Jenifer Cleveland serves as a reminder of the importance of patient safety and the need for continuous improvement in the medical field.

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