International Stocks Close Higher in New York Trading

25 December 2023

U.K.-based Argo Blockchain PLC Leads Gains, while NetEase Inc. Records Largest Decline

In a positive end to the trading week, international stocks trading in New York closed higher on Friday. The S&P/BNY Mellon index of American depositary receipts rose 0.1% to 164.01, reflecting the overall strength of the market. While the European index gained 0.2% to 159.63, the Asian index experienced a slight drop of 0.2% to 186.52. The Latin American index, on the other hand, rose 0.3% to 224.61. However, the emerging-markets index saw a decline of 0.3% to 309.01. Let’s take a closer look at the top performers and underperformers of the day.

Argo Blockchain PLC Leads the Way with Impressive Gains

U.K.-based Argo Blockchain PLC emerged as the biggest leader during the session, soaring 35.0% to $3.47. The company, which specializes in cryptocurrency mining, has been benefitting from the recent surge in the value of cryptocurrencies. With Bitcoin and other digital currencies reaching new all-time highs, Argo Blockchain PLC has been able to capitalize on this trend, attracting investors and driving up its stock price.

PureTech Health PLC Shows Strong Growth

Another U.K.-based company, PureTech Health PLC, experienced significant gains, rising 33.9% to $25.50. PureTech Health focuses on developing and commercializing innovative therapies for various diseases. The company’s recent positive clinical trial results and advancements in its pipeline have garnered attention from investors, boosting its stock price.

Renalytix PLC Demonstrates Promising Performance

Rounding out the top three leaders is Renalytix PLC, also based in the U.K., with shares up 23.7% to 43 cents. Renalytix is a healthcare diagnostics company specializing in kidney disease. The company’s innovative diagnostic tools and partnerships with leading healthcare providers have positioned it as a key player in the field. The recent surge in its stock price reflects investor confidence in Renalytix’s potential for growth and success.

NetEase Inc. Faces Significant Decline

In contrast to the top performers, Chinese-based company NetEase Inc. experienced a notable decline, tumbling 16.1% to $87.64. NetEase, a leading internet technology company, saw its stock price drop due to concerns over regulatory challenges in China’s tech sector. The Chinese government’s increased scrutiny and regulations have created uncertainty for companies like NetEase, leading to a sell-off by investors.

NuCana PLC and Nanobiotix S.A. Also Face Declines

U.K.-based NuCana PLC recorded a decline of 14.8% to 26 cents. The biopharmaceutical company focuses on developing innovative treatments for cancer. The drop in stock price may be attributed to market volatility and investor sentiment.

France-based Nanobiotix S.A. also experienced a decline, with shares falling 14.2% to $6.59. Nanobiotix is a nanomedicine company that develops innovative solutions for cancer treatment. The decrease in stock price could be a result of market fluctuations and investor reactions to recent news or developments.


International stocks trading in New York closed higher on Friday, with the S&P/BNY Mellon index showing positive growth. Argo Blockchain PLC, PureTech Health PLC, and Renalytix PLC led the gains, showcasing their potential for growth and innovation. On the other hand, NetEase Inc., NuCana PLC, and Nanobiotix S.A. faced declines, reflecting challenges and uncertainties in their respective sectors. As the global markets continue to evolve, investors will closely monitor these companies and their performance in the coming weeks.

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