Julie Clark Gibson Beats Bryan Johnson in Rejuvenation Olympics by Spending Less

24 December 2023

A simple and affordable approach to anti-aging proves effective against extravagant spending

In the quest for eternal youth, millionaire Bryan Johnson has made headlines with his extravagant spending and extreme health routines. However, a woman named Julie Clark Gibson has emerged as a surprising contender in the Rejuvenation Olympics, a competition launched by Johnson himself. Despite spending a fraction of Johnson’s budget, Clark is outperforming him in the race against biological aging. This unexpected turn of events challenges the notion that reversing the aging process requires exorbitant amounts of money and an army of doctors.

A Simple Approach to Anti-Aging

Julie Clark Gibson, a 55-year-old woman, has revealed that her total monthly expenses for anti-aging measures amount to a mere $108. She spends $27 on a gym membership and $79 on a NOVOS subscription for supplements. Clark describes herself as “health conscious” but manages to maintain her routine on a salary of less than $100,000. Her approach includes fasting, working out, and consuming a diet rich in vegetables. Clark’s dedication and commitment to her routine have propelled her to second place in the Rejuvenation Olympics leaderboard.

Bryan Johnson’s Extravagant Regimen

In contrast, Bryan Johnson, aged 46, has shared details of his anti-aging regimen, which costs him approximately $2 million per year. He follows over 200 protocols from his “Blueprint,” which includes a strict diet consisting of vegetables and lentils, as well as consuming 111 supplements daily. Johnson also practices fasting and shockwave therapy on his penis, among other unconventional methods. Despite his substantial investment, Johnson is ranked sixth in the Rejuvenation Olympics leaderboard, aging at a slightly faster pace than Clark.

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The Significance of the Rejuvenation Olympics

Bryan Johnson initiated the Rejuvenation Olympics to highlight the importance of aging gracefully and staying healthy. The competition measures participants’ biological aging using DNA tests over a period of six months or more. Johnson believes that the speed of aging should be a topic of discussion and competition, encouraging individuals to prioritize their health and well-being. The Rejuvenation Olympics leaderboard serves as a reminder that everyone is playing the game of “DON’T DIE” every day, and mastering the art of longevity is the ultimate goal.

The Rise of Anti-Aging Trends

The pursuit of anti-aging has gained significant popularity in recent years. From the fascination with Blue Zones and anti-aging treatments to the investments made by billionaires like Bryan Johnson, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg into longevity research, society’s interest in defying the aging process is evident. However, Julie Clark Gibson’s success in the Rejuvenation Olympics highlights the importance of simplicity and affordability in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Clark’s approach serves as a reminder that healthy habits should seamlessly integrate into daily life, akin to brushing one’s teeth.


Julie Clark Gibson’s triumph over Bryan Johnson in the Rejuvenation Olympics showcases the power of a simple and affordable approach to anti-aging. While Johnson spends millions of dollars and follows an extensive regimen, Clark’s dedication to her health routine on a modest budget has proven equally effective. This unexpected outcome challenges the notion that extravagant spending and extreme measures are necessary to combat the aging process. As society continues to explore the realms of longevity, Clark’s approach serves as a reminder that healthy habits, when seamlessly incorporated into daily life, can yield remarkable results in the race against time.

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