Kylie Jenner Reveals Kris Jenner’s Doubts About Kylie Cosmetics in Interview with Jennifer Lawrence

29 November 2023

The beauty mogul opens up about the challenges she faced in building her makeup empire from scratch and proving her mom wrong.

In a candid interview with Jennifer Lawrence for Interview magazine, Kylie Jenner shared insights into the early days of her makeup empire, Kylie Cosmetics. The reality star turned beauty mogul revealed that her mom, Kris Jenner, had doubts about the success of the brand’s first product, the Kylie Lip Kit. Despite initial skepticism, Kylie’s determination and entrepreneurial spirit propelled her to prove her mother wrong and build a thriving business from the ground up.

1: Starting from Scratch

Kylie explained to Lawrence that the biggest challenge she faced was transitioning from experimenting with her own makeup as a young teenager to creating a successful business. She emphasized that building Kylie Cosmetics from scratch was no easy feat, especially without any prior experience in the beauty industry. With only her mother’s support, Kylie embarked on a journey that would soon revolutionize the makeup industry.

2: Doubts and Lip Kits

Kris Jenner’s initial doubts about the success of the Kylie Lip Kit were revealed by Kylie herself. The beauty mogul recounted how she and her mom had no idea where to start when it came to launching a makeup line. Ordering the minimum quantity of 5,000 lip kits in three colors, Kylie recalled her mother’s concern that they might be left with unsold products in their garage. However, their fears were quickly dispelled when the lip kits sold out almost immediately, causing a frenzy and “breaking” the internet.

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3: Overcoming Challenges

Following the unexpected success of the lip kits, Kylie and Kris faced the challenge of scaling up their operations. They traveled all over California, visiting factories and seeking out the best manufacturer to meet the growing demand. Kylie acknowledged the pressure of growing in front of a large audience, with little room for mistakes. However, she viewed the experience as a positive one, describing it as the best time of her life.

4: The Contouring Lips Trend

Jennifer Lawrence also delved into Kylie’s influence on the contouring lips trend, which the actress credited her with bringing into the mainstream. Kylie revealed that her desire for fuller lips inspired her to experiment with contouring techniques. She admitted that she wasn’t working with makeup artists at the time and taught herself how to achieve the illusion of plumper lips. Her signature pout became iconic and set the stage for her future success in the beauty industry.

5: Involving Her Children

In the interview, Kylie also shared how she explains her work to her children, Stormi and Aire. She revealed that Stormi, at the young age of five, is already aware of Kylie Cosmetics and enjoys playing with her mother’s makeup. Kylie even created mini-versions of her clothing line, Khy, for Stormi, ensuring that her daughter is involved in everything she does. The beauty mogul expressed her desire to instill a sense of pride in her daughter and show her that her mom is “really cool.”

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Kylie Jenner’s journey from a young teenager experimenting with makeup to a successful beauty mogul is a testament to her determination and entrepreneurial spirit. Despite initial doubts from her mother, Kris Jenner, Kylie proved that she had what it takes to build a thriving business. The success of Kylie Cosmetics and the Kylie Lip Kit not only “broke” the internet but also solidified Kylie’s place in the beauty industry. With her children now involved in her ventures, Kylie continues to inspire and empower others through her work.

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