Luxe Med Spa Owner Faces Criminal Investigation Following Death of Customer

24 December 2023

Attorney maintains spa owner’s innocence, citing lack of criminal liability

Luxe Med Spa owner, Amber Johnson, is currently under investigation by a criminal grand jury after the death of Jenifer Cleveland, a customer who received IV therapy at the spa. Johnson’s attorney, David E. Moore, asserts that there is no criminal liability that can or should be attributed to his client. As the investigation unfolds, details surrounding the incident are being brought to light, shedding new light on the events leading up to Cleveland’s tragic death.

Consent Forms and Friendship

According to Moore, Cleveland signed consent forms prior to the treatment, indicating that she was not on any medications, did not have any chronic medical conditions, and was not under the care of a physician. Additionally, Moore revealed that Cleveland and Johnson were friends, with Cleveland even promoting Johnson’s med spa on social media. These details raise questions about the level of trust and familiarity between the two individuals.

Temporary Suspension of Medical License

The Texas Medical Board temporarily suspended the medical license of Michael Patrick Gallagher, who was acting as the medical director for Luxe Med Spa at the time of Cleveland’s death. The board alleges that Gallagher failed to properly supervise Johnson, an unlicensed individual, who was performing intravenous IV treatments that required medical licensure. The suspension suggests that there were significant lapses in the oversight and management of the spa’s operations.

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Cause of Death and Autopsy Findings

Cleveland, a 47-year-old radio station employee, was administered an IV infusion containing a vitamin B complex and TPN electrolytes, a solution known to cause complications due to the potassium chloride in it. She was found unconscious at the spa and despite efforts by EMS crews, she did not regain consciousness and passed away. The final autopsy report listed the cause of death as “sudden cardiac death of uncertain etiology,” leaving the exact cause undetermined. The report also mentioned that the administration of intravenous therapy could not be ruled in or ruled out as contributory at this time.

Lack of Licensed Personnel and Risk to Patients

The Texas Medical Board alleges that Luxe Med Spa was performing treatments that required medical licensure, yet there were no medically licensed or experienced personnel present at the facility during the administration of IV therapy. This lack of oversight and qualified staff put patients at risk, potentially contributing to the complications that led to Cleveland’s death. The absence of proper protocols and trained professionals raises concerns about the safety measures in place at the spa.

Timeline of Events and Vape Pen Discovery

Moore provided a detailed timeline of events leading up to Cleveland’s collapse. After receiving the IV treatment, Cleveland informed Johnson that she was not feeling well. Johnson attempted to assist her by sitting her up and asking her to take deep breaths. However, Cleveland lost consciousness, prompting Johnson to perform CPR. During the resuscitation efforts, Johnson discovered a vape pen hidden in Cleveland’s bra. CPR was temporarily successful, but Cleveland became unresponsive again. Johnson attempted to call 911 but was unable to get through due to a busy line. She continued performing CPR until help arrived.

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Conclusion: The ongoing criminal grand jury investigation into the death of Jenifer Cleveland at Luxe Med Spa has raised significant questions about the spa’s operations and the level of oversight provided by its owner, Amber Johnson, and medical director, Michael Patrick Gallagher. While Johnson’s attorney maintains her innocence, citing lack of criminal liability, the temporary suspension of Gallagher’s medical license and the allegations made by the Texas Medical Board suggest potential lapses in patient safety protocols. As the investigation continues, it is crucial to determine the extent of responsibility and accountability in this tragic incident, ensuring that similar incidents are prevented in the future.

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