New York Department of Labor Publishes Sample Job Descriptions for Cannabis Industry

25 December 2023

The New York Department of Labor has released a comprehensive list of sample job descriptions for various positions in the state’s emerging cannabis industry. The move aims to assist both businesses and job seekers in navigating the growing market.

As the cannabis industry continues to expand in New York, the Department of Labor (DOL) has taken a proactive step to support job seekers and businesses by publishing sample job descriptions for positions within the legal cannabis sector. With the recent lifting of an injunction that had stalled the licensing process for new retailers, the state is poised for significant growth in its cannabis market. The sample job descriptions, which cover a range of roles from cultivation to retail and testing, are intended to streamline hiring processes and help job seekers assess their qualifications for various positions.

Streamlining the Hiring Process:

The DOL’s sample job descriptions provide licensed marijuana businesses with a valuable resource to streamline their hiring processes. By offering clear outlines of the responsibilities and qualifications required for each position, companies can attract and evaluate potential candidates more efficiently. This initiative not only benefits businesses but also helps job seekers understand the skills and training required for different roles within the cannabis industry.

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Diverse Roles in the Cannabis Industry:

The sample job descriptions cover a wide range of positions in the cannabis industry, catering to both entry-level and highly skilled individuals. From handling trimming and managing retail inventory to roles involving management, cannabinoid extraction, and laboratory testing, the job descriptions provide a comprehensive overview of the diverse career opportunities available in the sector. This allows job seekers to assess their skills and determine if additional training or education is necessary to succeed in their chosen field.

Educational Resource for Job Seekers:

In addition to the sample job descriptions, the DOL’s “Cannabis Career Exploration” website serves as an educational resource for individuals interested in working in the cannabis industry. The website includes links to cannabis education opportunities and provides guidance on how to search for marijuana-related jobs. By offering these resources, the DOL aims to empower job seekers with the knowledge and tools they need to pursue a career in the growing cannabis sector.

Expanding the Cannabis Market:

The release of sample job descriptions comes at a crucial time for New York’s cannabis industry. With the recent lifting of the injunction that had stalled the licensing process, the state is poised to significantly expand its cannabis market. Currently, there are only about two dozen licensed adult-use marijuana retailers in the state. However, the opening of the application period for new general marijuana business licenses in October indicates a promising future for the industry.

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Enforcement and Regulation:

To ensure a fair and transparent process, the Cannabis Control Board (CCB) is dedicated to upholding strict enforcement and regulation in the cannabis industry. Governor Kathy Hochul has emphasized the importance of aggressive enforcement efforts to address illicit cannabis operators and create a safer market for consumers. Additionally, the state is working to provide tax relief to New York City marijuana businesses and improve financial institutions’ ability to work with state-licensed cannabis clients.

Dispelling Misconceptions:

As the cannabis industry grows, it is essential to address misconceptions surrounding the plant. New York regulators are actively debunking the false narrative that cannabis is commonly contaminated with fentanyl, a potent opioid. The state’s Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) has revised its guidance on THC testing for people in substance use disorder treatment, advising marijuana screening only when it aligns with the patient’s treatment goals.


The New York Department of Labor’s release of sample job descriptions for the cannabis industry is a significant step toward supporting job seekers and businesses in the state. As the cannabis market expands, these resources will help streamline hiring processes and provide individuals with the information they need to pursue a career in the emerging industry. With the recent lifting of the licensing injunction, New York’s cannabis market is poised for growth, and the state is committed to enforcing regulations and dispelling misconceptions to create a safe and thriving industry.

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