Dr. Mary Kelly Green and TX 400 Advocate for Jenifer’s Law to Protect Med Spa Patients in Texas

24 December 2023

Legislation in response to the tragic death of Jenifer Cleveland aims to ensure physician oversight and transparency in the med spa industry.

The untimely death of Jenifer Cleveland at a med spa in Wortham, Texas, has prompted Marble Falls ophthalmologist Dr. Mary Kelly Green and the nonprofit organization TX 400 to push for legislative changes. They are spearheading the effort to introduce Jenifer’s Law in the upcoming Texas legislative session in January 2025. This proposed law aims to protect patients undergoing beauty and health treatments at medical spas by ensuring physician oversight during procedures. The tragic incident has shed light on the need for increased transparency and regulation in the rapidly growing med spa industry.

The Tragic Incident and the Need for Change

Jenifer Cleveland, a mother of four, tragically lost her life during an IV treatment at Luxe Med Spa in Wortham, Texas. The procedure involved the administration of a TPN electrolyte solution, which is typically used to provide essential nutrients to patients with gastrointestinal issues. However, the person administering the IV was not licensed to perform the procedure. This incident has raised concerns about the lack of regulations and oversight in the med spa industry, prompting Dr. Green and TX 400 to take action.

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TX 400’s Mission to Protect Patients

TX 400, a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Green and four colleagues in 2021, is dedicated to safeguarding patients’ well-being. Comprised of medical professionals, TX 400 aims to advocate for legislation that ensures the highest standards of care in medical spas. With the tragic death of Jenifer Cleveland as a catalyst, TX 400 has made it their mission to protect patients from potential harm and prevent similar incidents in the future.

Crafting Jenifer’s Law for Enhanced Oversight

Jenifer’s Law, the proposed legislation, seeks to address the regulatory gaps in the med spa industry. The bill aims to provide transparency and enforce physician oversight during procedures. It also intends to empower the Texas Medical Board to take appropriate action against any wrongdoing. Currently, the medical board lacks the investigative capacity to ensure proper oversight of med spas. By introducing Jenifer’s Law, Dr. Green and TX 400 hope to bridge this gap and hold med spas accountable for their practices.

The Importance of Transparency and Patient Advocacy

Dr. Green emphasizes the importance of patient awareness and involvement in their own healthcare decisions. While the proposed legislation aims to regulate the industry, patients must also play an active role in ensuring their safety. Dr. Green advises patients to ask questions about the qualifications and training of the individuals performing the procedures. Transparency within the healthcare system is crucial, and patients should feel empowered to advocate for their own well-being.

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Addressing the Regulatory Challenges

One of the challenges in regulating the med spa industry is the sheer number of establishments operating without a physician on-site. TX 400’s recent study revealed that approximately 300 med spas in Texas lack physician oversight. This highlights the need for comprehensive legislation that closes the loophole allowing physicians to delegate duties to unlicensed employees. Dr. Green and TX 400 are committed to drafting and redrafting the legislation to ensure that the statute is changed and transparency becomes the norm in the med spa industry.


The tragic death of Jenifer Cleveland has prompted Dr. Mary Kelly Green and TX 400 to advocate for Jenifer’s Law, a proposed legislation aimed at protecting patients undergoing treatments at medical spas. By ensuring physician oversight and increased transparency, the proposed law seeks to prevent similar incidents and hold med spas accountable for their practices. While the legislation is still in the drafting phase, Dr. Green and TX 400 are determined to bring about change and prioritize patient safety. As the med spa industry continues to grow, it is crucial to establish robust regulations to safeguard the well-being of patients seeking beauty and health treatments.

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