Online Retaliation: Insurance Agent’s Profile Flooded with Reviews After Son’s Transfer

25 December 2023

Reginald Green, a State Farm insurance agent, experiences a surge of support on his Google profile page after receiving a wave of negative reviews following his son’s transfer from Oklahoma to Missouri.

In the age of social media, online platforms have become a battleground for expressing opinions and emotions. Reginald Green, a State Farm insurance agent based in Raytown, Missouri, recently found himself at the center of this digital storm. The profile page for his insurance business on Google was inundated with negative reviews, seemingly in response to his son, Cayden Green, transferring from the University of Oklahoma to the University of Missouri. However, what followed was a remarkable display of support from the online community, as an outpouring of positive reviews flooded in to counteract the initial backlash.

A Father’s Decision, an Online Backlash

Cayden Green, a highly touted offensive lineman and former four-star recruit, made headlines when he announced his decision to transfer from Oklahoma to Missouri. Shortly after the news broke, the insurance agent profile page of his father, Reginald Green, became the target of a barrage of one-star reviews. The negative feedback seemed to stem from disgruntled Oklahoma fans expressing their disappointment and frustration with Cayden’s departure.

Love Conquers Hate

Despite the initial wave of negativity, the online community quickly rallied behind Reginald Green, offering their support and admiration for his business. Within a span of 24 hours, his Google profile page received an astounding 78 five-star reviews. This surge of positivity not only overshadowed the initial backlash but also showcased the power of online solidarity.

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A Unified Message

Many of the positive reviews were accompanied by the phrase “MIZ,” a rallying cry for the University of Missouri. Users expressed their admiration for the elder Green’s resilience and wished him success in his business endeavors. The overwhelming response demonstrated the ability of fans and supporters to counteract online hate with love and support.

The Impact of Retaliation

The retaliatory practice of leaving negative reviews on Reginald Green’s profile page appeared to have a profound effect on him. Screenshots captured by the X account “Message Board Geniuses” revealed his frustration as he responded to the influx of negative feedback. This incident serves as a reminder of the potential consequences of online actions and the emotional toll they can take on individuals.

Cayden Green’s Transfer and Future Prospects

Cayden Green’s transfer from Oklahoma to Missouri marks a significant move in his football career. As a highly regarded offensive lineman and a top-100 prospect nationally in the 2023 class, his decision has drawn attention from both fans and recruiters. Alongside three other four-star transfers, Cayden is set to make an impact on the University of Missouri’s football program in the upcoming season.


Reginald Green’s experience highlights the power of online support in the face of adversity. While negative reviews initially flooded his insurance agent profile page, the overwhelming response of positive reviews demonstrated the resilience and unity of the online community. This incident serves as a reminder of the potential consequences of online actions and the importance of empathy and understanding in our digital interactions. As the story of Cayden Green’s transfer unfolds, it will be interesting to see how this episode shapes his future prospects and the impact he will have on the University of Missouri’s football program.

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