Our Big A-to-Z Guide to the Hottest Wellness Trends to Try Right Now

16 December 2023

From aura photography to zero-proof drinks, here are 26 popular self-care practices — and the Philly folks leading the charge.

The world of wellness is constantly evolving, with new trends and practices emerging all the time. But how do you separate the worthwhile from the fleeting fads? In this comprehensive A-to-Z guide, we explore the hottest wellness trends of the moment and highlight the experts in the Philadelphia area who are leading the way. From aura photography to zero-proof drinks, there’s something for everyone looking to prioritize self-care and well-being.

A: Aura Photography
Aura photography offers a unique glimpse into your inner energy. Inner Light Aura, founded by Sara Silverstein, uses a machine designed in the 1970s to capture your aura and interpret the colors it manifests. By understanding the vibrant orbs around you, you can gain insights into your strengths, aspirations, and how you impact others.

B: Bathe in Sound
Sound-bath meditation is a powerful tool for re-centering and reducing stress. Luna Maye, a renowned sound healer in Philly, uses singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and drums to create calming vibrations. You can experience these transformative sessions at various studios, including Lumos Yoga & Barre and Evolve Yoga and Beyond.

C: Cold Plunge
Embrace your inner Wim Hof with cold plunge therapy. Ignite Sadhana offers group sessions where you can learn breathing techniques before immersing yourself in a mobile ice bath. Alternatively, Formation Sauna + Wellness provides a single-person cold-plunge pool in conjunction with their sauna sessions.

D: Dance
Adult dance classes have made a comeback, offering high-energy workouts and choreography-based routines. DanceFit Exertainment, Evolve Dance, Powerhouse Dance, and Philly Dance Fitness are just a few places where you can unleash your inner dancer and reap the physical and mental benefits.

E: Enhanced Drinks
Enhanced drinks, infused with adaptogens, CBD, mushroom blends, and kava, offer soothing effects without the next-day hangover. Lightbox Vegan Café & Kava Bar and MagiKava are local spots where you can enjoy tranquil, better-for-you beverages. Art in the Age’s Pathfinder, an N/A spirit fermented from hemp, is also worth trying at home.

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F: Follow Your Flow
Cycle syncing is a practice that tailors your workouts, diet, and lifestyle to the phases of your menstrual cycle. Isabelle Martinez, a local trainer and Ayurvedic counselor, recommends structuring your activities based on your hormonal fluctuations to promote balance and well-being.

G: Gua Sha
Gua sha, an ancient Chinese technique, involves using a tool to glide across the face, reducing inflammation, promoting lymphatic drainage, and enhancing collagen production. Lynn Gallagher, a holistic aesthetician at Note to Self Wellness, harnesses the power of gua sha to rejuvenate the skin. You can also try it at home with guidance from Sabbatical Beauty founder Adeline Koh.

H: Herbalism
Herbalism is gaining popularity as people turn to plant-based remedies for improved health. Dope Botanicals, founded by sisters Nakia and Taahirah Stith, offers plant-based beverages. Terra Luna Herbals provides tea blends and skincare products made with ingredients from their farm. Philly Herb Hub supports the Black community by offering free herbs and workshops.

I: IV Therapy
IV therapy is becoming a popular wellness practice, with boutique wellness spaces offering these services. Philly IV, City Hydration, and Brooke Alexandria Spa are a few places where you can receive IV treatments. It’s important to consult with your doctor and understand the substances being infused into your body.

J: Jumpin’ Jumpin’
Trampolines are no longer just for kids. Low-impact rebounding classes at Amrita Yoga & Wellness, Tuck Barre & Yoga, and Vibe Fitness Studio provide a fun and effective way to engage your core and improve balance. For a more advanced experience, the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts offers an “Intro to Trampoline” course.

K: Kettlebells
Kettlebells offer a versatile and effective way to improve strength, mobility, stability, and cardio endurance. Jon Lyons, a fitness professional, recommends strength and conditioning classes at Strength Haüs and KG Strong, where kettlebells are incorporated into workouts.

L: LED & Red-Light Therapy
LED therapy and red-light therapy have numerous benefits for skin health, including reducing fine lines, inflammation, and acne. Nirvana Wellness Med Spa, Anej Skin Studio, Victoria Roggio Beauty, Modrn Sanctuary, and dtXfy are just a few places where you can experience the rejuvenating effects of these therapies.

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M: Metaphysical World
Immerse yourself in the metaphysical world with tarot cards, crystals, smudge sticks, and more. Garland of Letters, Harry’s World, Thirteen Circles, and Meraki Market are local shops where you can explore these New Age practices.

N: Not Your Average Sauna
Infrared saunas work on a cellular level to increase circulation, ease inflammation, and boost metabolism. The Wellness Refinery, Halcyon Floats, Hygge Facial Spa, and Sanctuary Wellness Studio offer infrared saunas for a rejuvenating sweat session.

O: Optimized Fitness
Optimize your workouts by combining multiple modalities in one session. Unite Fitness, BPM Fitness, Arena Fitness & Performance, and RIDE offer classes that bundle cardio, strength training, and recovery for maximum results.

P: Pickleball
Pickleball, the nation’s fastest-growing sport, offers a fun and accessible way to stay active. Numerous facilities in and around Philadelphia provide opportunities to learn and play this popular game.

Q: Quality Sleep
Quality sleep is essential for overall well-being. The Logan hotel’s Dream Like Relaxation package and the Rittenhouse Hotel’s sleep-focused massage, which utilizes CBD, are two options for achieving restful sleep and relieving anxiety.

R: Reformer Pilates
Reformer Pilates, a century-old practice, continues to gain popularity for its ability to improve strength and flexibility. Retro Pilates, The Balance Room, LSF Pilates, Backbone, and Ellie Herman Pilates are local studios where you can experience the benefits of this dynamic workout.

S: Stretch & Recovery
Don’t neglect your warm-up and cooldown. Remedy Spa & Wellness and StretchLab offer assisted-stretch sessions to enhance flexibility and aid in recovery.

T: Therapy with Psychedelics
Psychedelics are being explored for their potential in treating mental health issues. SoundMind and Philadelphia Integrative Psychiatry offer psychedelic-assisted therapy using substances like ketamine and psilocybin to provide relief for mood disorders, anxiety, and depression.

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U: Unplugging
Unplug from social media and embrace mindfulness by visiting the Tiny House of Happiness at Awbury Arboretum. This mindfulness-focused property allows you to disconnect from devices and immerse yourself in minimalist nature-centric living.

V: Very Nutritious Food, Delivered
Take a break from cooking and enjoy nutrient-dense meals delivered to your door. Be Wellfed, Reap Wellness, and Prepped by Carly offer a variety of wholesome options to support your well-being.

W: Walks!
Walking is a simple yet effective form of cardio. Philly Girls Who Walk and We Walk PHL are two communities that organize group walks, providing an opportunity to make new friends and explore the city’s parks.

X: X-Act Brows
Invest in brow care to achieve perfectly shaped and groomed eyebrows. Tara Giorgio and Idle Hands Esthetics offer services such as brow mapping, trimming, waxing, and detailed tweezing to enhance your brows.

Y: Your Gut
A healthy gut is crucial for overall health. Integrative clinical nutritionist Cristina Hoyt and certified holistic health coach Melissa Green Henkin offer personalized guidance and support to help you improve your gut health.

Z: Zero-Proof Lifestyle
Sober curiosity and mindful alcohol consumption have gained traction in recent years. Volstead by Unity and Gem Life + Bar provide non-alcoholic spirits, wines, and beers for those looking to embrace a zero-proof lifestyle.


With a wide range of wellness trends to explore, there’s something for everyone seeking to prioritize self-care and well-being. Whether you’re interested in holistic practices, physical activities, or nourishing your body, the Philadelphia area offers a wealth of options. Take the time to discover what resonates with you and embark on your own wellness journey.

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