Radiologist Dr. Wade Banker Loses Appeal to Regain Medical License

24 December 2023

Ohio doctor’s license remains revoked after improper care in plastic surgeries

Dr. Wade Banker, a radiologist based in Toledo, Ohio, has lost his appeal to regain his medical license. The Ohio Medical Board revoked his license in April 2023 due to inadequate treatment of multiple patients, including those undergoing plastic surgeries. Banker, who owns Luxe Laser Med-Spa in Maumee, offered a range of procedures, including breast augmentations, tummy tucks, hormone replacement therapy, and laser treatments. Despite his efforts to challenge the revocation, the court upheld the board’s decision, leaving Banker without the ability to practice medicine.

Questionable Care and Concerning Testimonies

During the original hearing on April 12, 2023, the Ohio Medical Board reviewed evidence of Dr. Banker’s improper care for 15 patients over a four-year period. One board member, Dr. Giacolone, described the case as “terrifying,” expressing concern about Banker’s judgment as a physician. Another board member, Dr. Feibel, argued that Banker should not be allowed to practice, even within his specialty of interventional radiology. These testimonies highlighted the gravity of the situation and the board’s determination to protect patient safety.

Grounds for Appeal and Court’s Ruling

Banker appealed the revocation of his license in a Franklin County court on April 28, 2023. His defense centered on the board’s alleged disregard for an expert opinion regarding cosmetic surgery patients and the reliance on a doctor unfamiliar with hormone therapy. Banker also claimed that the board disciplined him based on charges not included in the notice of opportunity for a hearing. Furthermore, he argued that the board’s emphasis on minimum training requirements constituted anticompetitive business practices.

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However, on October 3, 2023, the court ruled against Banker, affirming the Ohio Medical Board’s decision. The court found that the board’s order was supported by reliable and substantial evidence and was in accordance with the law. This ruling dealt a significant blow to Banker’s hopes of regaining his medical license.

Banker’s Latest Appeal and Continuing Legal Battle

Undeterred by the court’s decision, Banker filed an appeal to challenge the ruling in the Franklin County Court of Appeals on November 14, 2023. This latest legal maneuver indicates his determination to fight for the reinstatement of his medical license. However, the outcome of this appeal remains uncertain, and Banker’s future as a practicing physician hangs in the balance.

Conclusion: Dr. Wade Banker’s unsuccessful appeal to regain his medical license highlights the serious consequences of providing inadequate care to patients. The Ohio Medical Board’s decision to revoke his license underscores their commitment to upholding medical standards and ensuring patient safety. Despite Banker’s attempts to challenge the revocation in court, the ruling has remained in favor of the board. As the legal battle continues, the fate of Banker’s medical career remains uncertain, serving as a reminder of the importance of accountability and professionalism in the medical field.

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