Dr. Wade Banker’s Appeal Denied: Radiologist Loses License for Improper Care in Plastic Surgeries

5 December 2023

Local doctor’s attempt to regain medical license thwarted by court ruling

In a recent development, Dr. Wade Banker, a radiologist based in Toledo, Ohio, has lost his appeal to have his medical license reinstated. The Ohio Medical Board revoked Dr. Banker’s license in April 2023 due to inadequate treatment of multiple patients, particularly in the field of plastic surgeries. Despite his efforts to challenge the decision, the court has upheld the board’s ruling, further cementing the consequences of his actions.

A Disturbing Pattern of Negligence

Dr. Wade Banker, the owner of Luxe Laser Med-Spa in Maumee, was known for offering a range of procedures, including “awake” breast augmentations, tummy tucks, hormone replacement therapy, and laser treatments. However, an investigation by the Ohio Medical Board revealed a disturbing pattern of negligence in his practice. Over a span of four years, Banker provided inadequate care to 15 patients, leading to serious complications and dissatisfaction.

During the original hearing, board members expressed their concerns about Banker’s actions. Dr. Giacolone described the case as “terrifying,” while Dr. Feibel emphasized that Banker’s judgment as a physician was questionable, even in his specialty of interventional radiology. These statements underscore the severity of the allegations against Dr. Banker and the impact they had on patients’ lives.

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The Appeal and Its Grounds

Following the revocation of his license, Dr. Banker decided to appeal the decision in Franklin County Court. His appeal was based on several arguments, including the claim that the state medical board disregarded the opinion of an expert in cosmetic surgery and relied instead on the testimony of a doctor unfamiliar with hormone therapy. Banker also alleged that he was disciplined for reasons not included in the initial notice of opportunity for a hearing, questioning the fairness of the process.

Additionally, Banker contended that the board’s insistence on minimum training requirements for certain medical treatments amounted to anticompetitive behavior and violated antitrust principles. These arguments aimed to challenge the board’s decision and shed doubt on the validity of their actions.

Court Ruling and Its Impact

After careful consideration, the court ruled against Dr. Banker’s appeal. The court found that the Ohio Medical Board’s decision was supported by substantial evidence and complied with the law. The judges affirmed the board’s order, reinforcing the severity of Banker’s misconduct and the importance of maintaining high standards in medical practice.

Undeterred, Dr. Banker filed another appeal with the Franklin County Court of Appeals, seeking to overturn the previous ruling. This ongoing legal battle highlights the significance of the case and the potential implications for the medical community at large.

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Dr. Wade Banker’s unsuccessful appeal to regain his medical license serves as a reminder of the grave consequences that can result from inadequate patient care. The Ohio Medical Board’s decision to revoke his license, coupled with the court’s support of that decision, underscores the importance of upholding professional standards and prioritizing patient safety. As the legal battle continues, the outcome of this case will undoubtedly shape the future of medical practice and serve as a precedent for similar instances of professional misconduct.

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