Tech Mogul Bryan Johnson Undergoes Radical Gene Therapy in Pursuit of Immortality

24 December 2023

Johnson’s $25,000 per treatment gene therapy claims to enhance muscle mass, bone density, and reduce body fat, with the potential to extend lifespan.

Bryan Johnson, the 46-year-old tech mogul known for his extravagant anti-aging regimen, recently embarked on a radical gene therapy treatment on a remote island off the coast of Honduras. The therapy, offered by startup company Minicircle Inc., aims to enhance muscle mass, bone density, and reduce body fat, all in the pursuit of extending human lifespan. Backed by billionaire tech mogul Peter Thiel and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, the therapy has sparked both curiosity and skepticism within the scientific community. Johnson, who spends $2 million annually on his anti-aging efforts, hopes that this gene therapy will bring him one step closer to his goal of living to the age of 200.

The Promise of Gene Therapy

Johnson, in an interview with Bloomberg News, expressed his belief that traditional methods such as diet, exercise, and sleep are insufficient to achieve his ambitious goal of reaching 200 years of age. He sees gene therapies as the key to unlocking human longevity. The treatment he underwent is designed to boost the body’s production of follistatin, a protein known to stimulate muscle production. Although Johnson reported tearing a T-shirt in half with his bare hands after the therapy, scientists remain skeptical of the therapy’s efficacy due to the lack of supporting evidence.

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The Controversial Treatment Location

Minicircle Inc.’s main facility operates on the tropical island of Roatán, just off the coast of Honduras. The choice of location was driven by the island’s lenient regulations, as the treatment has yet to receive approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. The company’s decision to administer the therapy in a location with relaxed regulations has raised concerns among experts, who argue that unproven gene therapies could have severe health consequences, such as inducing cancer or liver failure.

The Science Behind the Therapy

According to Minicircle, the gene therapy introduces new genetic instructions into human cells, specifically targeting the production of follistatin. The company claims that this therapy has shown promising results in mice, with an increase in muscle mass, improved insulin sensitivity, decreased body fat, and extended lifespan. In a trial involving 44 participants aged 23 to 89, Minicircle reported an average reduction in genetic age by 11 years, along with improvements in muscle mass, bone density, and overall well-being.

Skepticism and Criticism

Despite Minicircle’s claims, many scientists remain skeptical about the therapy’s effectiveness and safety. Christin Glorioso, a physician and neuroscientist, has criticized gene therapies like this one, stating that they lack scientific evidence and may have detrimental effects on health. The absence of peer-reviewed studies supporting the therapy’s claims raises concerns about its long-term implications.

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Johnson’s Cult Following and Impact

Bryan Johnson’s extreme anti-aging regimen, known as Project Blueprint, has garnered him a cult following online. With his high-profile status and documented journey to defy aging, Johnson has become a figurehead for those seeking unconventional methods to extend their lifespan. Minicircle hopes that Johnson’s endorsement and attention will attract a larger clientele and further legitimize their gene therapy.


Bryan Johnson’s recent gene therapy treatment on a remote island off the coast of Honduras has brought attention to the controversial field of genetic enhancement. While Johnson remains optimistic about the therapy’s potential to extend his lifespan, skepticism persists within the scientific community. The lack of supporting evidence and potential risks associated with unproven gene therapies raise ethical and safety concerns. As the pursuit of immortality continues to captivate individuals like Johnson, the scientific community must tread carefully to ensure the responsible development and rigorous evaluation of such treatments.

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