Plastic Surgeon Sued for Alleged Botched Procedure While Under the Influence: Arizona Woman Claims Distress

5 January 2024

Wendy Ellsworth accuses Dr. Bradley Becker of medical negligence and emotional distress after tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery

In a shocking turn of events, a plastic surgeon in Arizona is facing a lawsuit from a former patient who alleges that he botched her procedure while operating under the influence of alcohol. Wendy Ellsworth, the plaintiff, claims that Dr. Bradley Becker’s alleged negligence has left her in distress, both physically and emotionally. The case has sparked outrage and raised concerns about patient safety and the accountability of medical professionals.

Signs of Trouble Before the Surgery

Before undergoing the tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery with Dr. Becker, Ellsworth says she noticed red flags. She claimed to have smelled alcohol on the surgeon when he came to see her before the operation began. Despite her concerns, she proceeded with the procedure, fearing that she would lose her deposit if she backed out.

Devastating Results and Emotional Impact

When Ellsworth saw the results of the surgery, her worst fears were confirmed. She discovered excess skin sagging from her body that should have been removed during the procedure. The physical consequences were not the only ones she had to endure. Ellsworth experienced debilitating depression, which took a toll on her marriage and overall well-being. Her husband, Tyler Ellsworth, wrote a letter to the osteopathic board in Arizona, expressing his anguish over the situation and the profound impact it had on his wife.

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Financial and Emotional Burden

The original procedure cost Ellsworth $16,000, but the damage caused by Dr. Becker’s alleged negligence forced her to seek corrective surgery with another surgeon, which came with an additional price tag of $25,000. To afford the corrective procedure, Ellsworth’s husband had to take on a second job, sacrificing time and energy. The financial strain added to the emotional burden that the couple had to bear.

Denial and Similar Allegations

Dr. Becker has denied the allegations, stating that he did not consume alcohol before the surgery and that his actions were within the standard of care. However, another lawsuit filed against him in October by Alicia Armijo included a similar accusation. Armijo claimed that Dr. Becker was under the influence during her surgery, causing her extreme emotional distress. The plastic surgeon denied these allegations as well.

Seeking Justice and Accountability

Both Ellsworth and Armijo are seeking justice and accountability for the alleged misconduct and negligence they experienced. The lawsuits highlight the importance of patient safety and the need for stringent measures to ensure that medical professionals adhere to the highest standards of care. The cases also raise questions about the oversight and regulation of the medical field, emphasizing the need for thorough investigations and appropriate disciplinary actions when necessary.

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Conclusion: The lawsuit against Dr. Bradley Becker has shed light on a disturbing allegation of a plastic surgeon operating under the influence of alcohol. Wendy Ellsworth and Alicia Armijo, the plaintiffs, have bravely come forward to seek justice for the physical and emotional distress they endured. Their cases serve as a reminder of the importance of patient safety and the need for accountability within the medical profession. As the legal proceedings unfold, it is crucial that the truth is uncovered, and appropriate actions are taken to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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