Arizona Women File Lawsuits Against Plastic Surgeon Accusing Him of Operating While Drunk

7 January 2024

Two women in Arizona claim they were left disfigured after their plastic surgeon operated on them while allegedly intoxicated.

Two women in Arizona have filed lawsuits against Dr. Bradley Becker, a prominent plastic surgeon, accusing him of operating on them while drunk. Wendy Ellsworth, 51, and Alicia Armijo, 32, claim that Dr. Becker smelled strongly of alcohol on the mornings of their procedures and appeared to be intoxicated. They allege that the botched surgeries have left them disfigured and emotionally distressed. The lawsuits against Dr. Becker include claims of medical negligence, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Dr. Becker’s attorney denies the allegations and states that he has never been under the influence of alcohol or any impairing substance while providing patient care.

High Expectations Turned Nightmare

Wendy Ellsworth, a mother of nine who had recently lost 120 pounds, was excited to undergo a tummy tuck and breast lift with Dr. Becker. She had saved $16,000 for the procedures and had done her research, finding positive recommendations for Dr. Becker. However, on the day of her surgery, she claims that he appeared intoxicated and rushed through the pre-surgery preparations. Despite her concerns, Ellsworth felt trapped and proceeded with the procedure. Afterward, she discovered that her body was left disfigured, with excess skin and poorly placed scars. Her breast lift also resulted in uneven nipples.

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Similar Experience Confirmed

Alicia Armijo, another patient of Dr. Becker, saw Ellsworth’s Facebook post about her experience and realized that her own experience was eerily similar. Armijo claims that Dr. Becker was not acting like himself during her surgery and that she had already considered canceling the procedure due to warnings from another woman. However, the office refused to give her a refund, and she proceeded with the surgery. Armijo also noticed a strong smell of alcohol on Dr. Becker’s breath and found that his markings were different from what he had previously made. Like Ellsworth, Armijo was left with unsightly scars and skin deformities.

Dismissive Response and Ongoing Effects

Both Ellsworth and Armijo claim that Dr. Becker was dismissive when they expressed their dissatisfaction with the results. He allegedly attributed their concerns to normal swelling or skin sitting on their laps. Ellsworth underwent corrective surgery with a different surgeon, which improved her physical appearance. However, the emotional and mental scars from the initial surgery remain. Armijo, on the other hand, cannot afford to have the damage fixed and feels that her body has been permanently changed. She has been dealing with wound and skin infections for eight months and is emotionally and mentally affected by the ordeal.

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More Alleged Victims

Ellsworth claims to be in contact with over a dozen other women who have had similar experiences with Dr. Becker. She is determined to ensure that their voices are heard and that justice is served. The women believe that there may be more victims who have yet to come forward.

Conclusion: The lawsuits filed by Wendy Ellsworth and Alicia Armijo against Dr. Bradley Becker have shed light on the alleged dangers of a plastic surgeon operating while intoxicated. The women claim that they were left disfigured and emotionally distressed as a result of their surgeries. While Dr. Becker’s attorney denies the allegations, the women’s accounts and evidence suggest otherwise. The lawsuits highlight the importance of thorough research and due diligence when choosing a plastic surgeon and the need for proper regulations and oversight in the medical field to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

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