Maria Bello Opens Up About Embracing Menopause Journey

8 December 2023

Actress Maria Bello returns to Instagram after a two-year hiatus to share her experience with menopause and her journey to acceptance.

After a two-year absence from social media, actress Maria Bello has made a triumphant return to Instagram, using the platform to candidly discuss her experience with menopause. In her heartfelt post, Bello revealed that she had tried various methods to combat the side effects of menopause, including hormone therapy, dieting, and cosmetic procedures. However, after a period of self-reflection and immersion in the “7 Tasks of Aging,” as introduced by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, Bello has come to embrace her menopause journey. Her openness has garnered praise from followers who are eager to learn from her experiences.

Battling Menopause Side Effects

During the first half of her menopause journey, which coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, Bello explored multiple avenues to alleviate the symptoms. She experimented with bio-identical hormones, engaged in rigorous dieting, and even tried medications like Ozempic. Despite her efforts, she found herself gaining weight and experiencing constant nausea and vomiting. Bello also turned to cosmetic procedures such as Botox, fillers, and lasers in an attempt to combat the physical effects of menopause. However, these methods ultimately proved to be temporary solutions, leading Bello to seek a deeper understanding of her experience.

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Immersion in the “7 Tasks of Aging”

After relocating to Paris in October 2021, Bello decided to delve into the concept of menopause and its significance in her life. She embraced the “7 Tasks of Aging,” a framework introduced by Carl Jung, a renowned Swiss psychiatrist. These tasks involve navigating through disillusionment and depression, ultimately leading to a successful transition into the second half of life. Bello’s journey of self-reflection and exploration allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of herself and her evolving identity during menopause.

Acceptance and Embracing the Journey

Having emerged from her period of self-reflection, Bello is now eager to share her experiences and insights with others who may be going through similar life transitions. She hopes that her posts on social media will inspire individuals to embrace menopause rather than avoid it. Bello’s transparency and willingness to discuss her journey have already garnered praise and support from her followers, who express gratitude for her honesty and eagerly anticipate hearing more about her experiences.


Maria Bello’s return to social media after a two-year hiatus has brought attention to the often-neglected topic of menopause. By sharing her personal journey, Bello has shed light on the challenges and transformations that accompany this natural phase of life. Her openness and willingness to embrace her menopause journey serve as an inspiration to others who may be navigating similar transitions. As society continues to break the silence surrounding menopause, stories like Bello’s contribute to a more inclusive and supportive conversation about women’s health and aging.

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