Maria Bello Opens Up About Her Journey to Embrace Menopause

7 December 2023

The actress shares her experiences with aging and menopause, highlighting her efforts to maintain her appearance and prioritize her mental well-being.

In a candid Instagram post, actress Maria Bello revealed her struggles with aging and menopause. After a two-year hiatus from social media, Bello shared her journey through the early stages of menopause during the COVID-19 pandemic. She detailed the various steps she took to fight the signs of aging, including hormone therapy, dieting, and cosmetic procedures. However, she ultimately shifted her focus to her mental well-being and embraced the transformative process of menopause. Bello’s story sheds light on the challenges many women face as they navigate the physical and emotional changes associated with aging.

The Pursuit of Youthfulness

Bello shared her determination to maintain her youthful appearance, describing the lengths she went to in order to combat the effects of menopause. She tried bio-identical hormones, engaged in intensive dieting, and experimented with medications and cosmetic procedures. Despite her efforts, she found that some methods were ineffective or came with unwanted side effects. This highlights the pressure many women feel to conform to societal standards of beauty and defy the natural aging process.

A Shift in Perspective

After exhausting various options to preserve her appearance, Bello decided to prioritize her mental well-being. She recognized the importance of embracing the changes that come with menopause and sought inspiration from psychologist Carl Jung’s perspective on aging. Bello’s decision to immerse herself in self-reflection and personal growth demonstrates a shift in focus from physical appearance to inner transformation.

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The Journey to Self-Acceptance

Bello’s Instagram post hinted at her intention to share more about her menopause journey, using hashtags like #thepause and #mariasmenopause. By opening up about her experiences, she hopes to inspire others who are entering the “second half of life” to embrace menopause rather than avoid it. Bello’s decision to share her story reflects a growing trend of women breaking the silence around menopause and fostering a sense of community and support.

Aging as a Developmental Process

Bello’s reference to Carl Jung’s perspective on aging sheds light on the idea that growing older is not simply a passive waiting period but a transformative and developmental process. Jung believed that embracing the challenges and changes that come with age is essential for personal growth and self-actualization. Bello’s journey aligns with this view, as she shifted her focus from external appearance to inner exploration and self-acceptance.

A New Chapter

Bello’s Instagram post marked her return to social media after a period of self-reflection and personal growth. She expressed her desire to share her experiences and inspire others to embrace menopause as a transformative phase of life. Bello’s decision to move to Paris in 2021 further symbolizes her commitment to embracing change and embarking on a new chapter.


Maria Bello’s candid Instagram post offers a glimpse into her personal journey of navigating menopause and embracing the changes that come with aging. Her story highlights the societal pressure on women to fight the signs of aging and maintain a youthful appearance. However, Bello’s shift in perspective underscores the importance of prioritizing mental well-being and embracing the transformative process of menopause. By sharing her experiences, Bello aims to inspire others to approach menopause with acceptance and self-love. Her story serves as a reminder that aging is not a passive waiting period but an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery.

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