Pinterest Predicts: Unveiling the Beauty Trends of 2024

12 December 2023

A Sneak Peek into the Future of Beauty, Fashion, and Wellness

In the ever-evolving world of beauty, staying ahead of consumer trends is crucial for businesses. Pinterest, known for its predictive prowess, has released its highly anticipated Pinterest Predicts report for 2024. With an impressive 80% accuracy rate, this report offers invaluable insights into the emerging trends that will shape the beauty industry in the coming year. From blue beauty to grandiose styles and joyful jellyfish aesthetics, let’s dive into the exciting forecast for 2024.

Blue Beauty: Riding the Wave of Aquamarine

Millennials and Gen Z Embrace Shades of Blue

Blue is set to make a splash in the beauty routines of millennials and Gen Z. Inspired by the ’60s trend of aquamarine, these younger generations are incorporating blue into their makeup looks and nail art. Searches for “blue eyeshadow aesthetic” have surged by 65%, while “fun blue nails” have seen a staggering increase of 260%. From light blue prom makeup to aqua-themed quinceañera looks, blue beauty is poised to dominate in 2024.

Head to Glow: The Rise of Body Care

Boomers and Gen Z Embrace Luxurious Body Care

In 2024, self-care will extend beyond the face, as body care takes center stage. Both boomers and Gen Z are expected to indulge in luxury lotions and create spa-like experiences at home. Searches for “body skincare routine” have skyrocketed by 1,025%, while “body lotion aesthetic” has seen a remarkable increase of 245%. With a renewed focus on sunscreen and body care, glowing skin from head to toe will be a top priority.

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Bigger Is Better: Embracing Grandiose Beauty

Millennials and Gen Z Opt for Bold and Big Styles

Beauty in 2024 is all about going big and bold. Millennials and Gen Z are set to embrace larger-than-life hairstyles and statement jewelry. Searches for “chunky hoops” have increased by 45%, while “big braids hairstyles” have seen a 30% surge. Men are not exempt from this trend, with searches for “wavy perm men” up by 50%. Sculptural jewelry and voluminous buns are also expected to make a big impact in the beauty scene.

Bow Stacking: The Reign of Bows

Bows Take Over Beauty and Fashion

Bows are set to become a staple accessory, both in beauty and fashion. The trend of bow stacking will see bows adorning outfits, necklaces, and even crochet items. Searches for “bow outfit” have surged by 190%, while “bow necklace” has seen an increase of 180%. From heels with bows to bow-themed aesthetics, this charming accessory is set to capture hearts in 2024.

Eclectic Grandpa: Embracing Eccentricity

Gen Z and Boomers Flaunt Retro Styles

Gen Z and boomers are expected to embrace their eccentric side, expressing themselves through retro-inspired fashion. Customized denim jackets have seen a staggering increase of 355% in searches, while “grandpa core” style has seen a 65% surge. Retro streetwear and grandpa-inspired outfits will be the go-to looks for those seeking a touch of nostalgia with a modern twist.

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Joyful Jellyfish: Exploring Squishy Aesthetics

Gen Z and Millennials Dive into Jellyfish-Inspired Looks

Identity experimentation continues to be a driving force for Gen Z and millennials. The squishy jellyfish aesthetic is set to make waves, with searches for “jellyfish haircut” surging by 615%. From jellyfish hats to umbrellas and lamps, this whimsical trend is all about embracing a playful and colorful aesthetic.

Groovy Nuptials: A Retro Wedding Revival

Boomers and Millennials Return to the Dance Floors

Weddings are making a comeback in 2024, with boomers and millennials opting for retro-inspired celebrations. Searches for “groovy wedding” have increased by 170%, while “retro wedding theme” has seen an 80% surge. From ’70s-inspired bridal looks to groovy bachelorette party outfits, the nostalgia of the past will infuse joy and style into wedding ceremonies.

Jazz it Up: Swapping Electronic Beats for Vintage Vibes

Millennials and Gen Z Embrace Jazz-Inspired Activities and Fashion

Millennials and Gen Z are predicted to trade their electronic beats for vintage jazz-inspired activities and fashion. Searches for “jazz aesthetic clothing” have surged by 180%, while “jazzbar outfit” has seen a 75% increase. From piano jazz to jazz club-inspired looks, this trend will add a touch of sophistication and nostalgia to the music and fashion scenes.

Big Talk: Seeking Deeper Connections

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Gen Z and Millennials Prioritize Meaningful Conversations

In 2024, Gen Z and millennials are expected to search for deeper and more meaningful conversations. Searches for “questions for couples to reconnect” have surged by 480%, while “hot seat questions” have seen an impressive increase of 825%. Emotional intimacy and deep questions to ask friends are also trending topics, highlighting a desire for more authentic connections in an increasingly digital world.


As we enter 2024, it is clear that beauty trends will continue to evolve and reflect the unique expressions of different generations. Gen Z will lead the way with their embrace of aesthetics and subcultures, while millennials and boomers seek relaxation and self-care. Nostalgia will play a significant role, with retro-inspired styles and activities making a comeback. From blue beauty to grandiose hairstyles, the trends forecasted by Pinterest Predicts offer a glimpse into the exciting future of beauty in 2024. It’s time to embark on a new chapter and explore the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

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