Tech Entrepreneur Bryan Johnson Offers Controversial “Fountain of Youth” Regime to the Public

12 January 2024

Bryan Johnson, the founder of Blueprint, is opening up his self-experimentation study to the public, offering a controversial regime that promises to reverse the biological clock and kickstart human evolution.

Bryan Johnson, the tech entrepreneur-turned-biohacker, has made headlines once again with his audacious quest to achieve eternal youth. After spending a year engaging in unconventional practices such as blood swapping and unproven gene therapy injections, Johnson is now offering his “fountain of youth” formula to the public. His company, Blueprint, is launching a 90-day self-experimentation study that promises to reverse the aging process and propel participants into a new stage of human evolution. However, experts have expressed doubts about the effectiveness and safety of Johnson’s regime, raising questions about the potential risks involved.

The Basics of Johnson’s Regime

For a monthly fee of $333, participants in Johnson’s study will receive a package of ingredients known as the “basics.” These include nutty pudding, extra virgin olive oil, ginger, and garlic. The study requires strict adherence to a scheduled sleep, diet, and exercise pattern, while also emphasizing the importance of maintaining a positive mindset. Johnson aims to make the process enjoyable and engaging, likening it to a game that participants are playing together.

The Cost of Eternal Youth

Johnson’s regime comes with a hefty price tag. In addition to the monthly fee, participants will still need to cover their regular food expenses. While Johnson argues that the cost is already competitive with fast food, the entry fee of $999 for 90 days may be prohibitive for some. He also offers advanced biomarker measurements at an additional cost, allowing participants to track their progress more closely. However, the potential benefits of the program may outweigh the financial investment for those seeking a radical transformation.

Expert Doubts and Safety Concerns

Despite Johnson’s claims that the regime is based on scientific evidence, experts have raised doubts about the effectiveness and safety of certain ingredients. Vitamin E, in particular, has come under scrutiny, with studies suggesting that high doses could increase the risk of death. Critics argue that Johnson’s approach lacks rigorous scientific validation and caution against potential health risks associated with unproven interventions. It remains to be seen whether Blueprint’s regime can deliver on its promises without compromising the well-being of its participants.

Blueprint’s Expansion Plans

While the self-experimentation study is currently limited to 2,500 participants, Johnson has expressed his intention to scale up and open the monthly subscription to a wider audience. Blueprint’s website will soon offer the products used in the regime for individual purchase, allowing anyone to try Johnson’s controversial ingredients. The company also plans to expand its food offerings to cater to participants’ need for variety and taste, ensuring that Blueprint can potentially become a sole source of nutrition for those seeking a complete dietary transformation.


Bryan Johnson’s attempt to unlock the secrets of eternal youth has generated both excitement and skepticism. While his self-experimentation study offers a unique opportunity for participants to explore the potential of human evolution, experts warn of the potential risks and lack of scientific validation. As Blueprint expands its offerings and more people embark on this unconventional journey, the long-term implications of Johnson’s regime remain uncertain. Only time will tell if his “fountain of youth” formula will truly revolutionize our understanding of aging or if it will be relegated to the annals of biohacking history.

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