Tech Mogul Bryan Johnson Launches Project Blueprint: A Controversial Anti-Aging Regimen

10 January 2024

Bryan Johnson, a millionaire tech mogul-turned-biohacker, has introduced Project Blueprint, a 90-day self-experimentation study aimed at reversing the effects of aging. Participants will follow a strict diet and consume a stack of specially formulated products, raising questions about the effectiveness and safety of such extreme regimens.

Bryan Johnson, the former tech entrepreneur who made his fortune selling his payment processing company Braintree to eBay, has become known for his obsession with anti-aging. Now, he has unveiled his latest venture, Project Blueprint, a 90-day self-experimentation study designed to combat the effects of aging. Participants will follow a rigorous diet and consume a stack of specially formulated products, sparking both curiosity and controversy.

The Blueprint Diet and Products

Johnson’s Project Blueprint offers participants a comprehensive regimen consisting of a strict diet and a stack of specially formulated products. The diet includes a 6-ounce Longevity drink mix, eight supplements, Johnson’s signature Nutty Pudding Mix, and extra virgin olive oil. The stack of products provides a total of 410 calories, and participants are asked to subtract their typical caloric intake by roughly 400 calories to accommodate for the provided superfoods. The products, including the Nutty Pudding Mix, are also available for purchase on Project Blueprint’s website.

The Cost and Application Process

To participate in Project Blueprint’s self-experimentation study, applicants must pay a minimum entry fee of $999. The study is open to 2,500 selected participants, with costs ranging from $999 to $2,599 depending on additional biomarker measurements. Applicants are asked to provide general information such as their birthdate, race, height, weight, and lifestyle habits. They must also commit to consuming Blueprint products daily for 90 days and maintaining similar sleep, diet, and exercise routines. The selected participants will be notified in January, and the 90-day regimen will begin in February.

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Controversial Ingredients and Effectiveness

While Johnson claims that Project Blueprint offers the most nutritious food program in history, longevity expert Dr. Andrew Steele has criticized the regimen for including unspecified and potentially ineffective ingredients. Steele specifically points out the “Essential Capsules” included in the regimen, which contain 26 critical multi-nutrients. He questions the effectiveness of these ingredients, citing evidence that contradicts their anti-aging claims. For example, a Cochrane review suggests that calcium and vitamin D do not improve bone mineral density in healthy premenopausal women. Additionally, a Cochrane report found that vitamin E may increase the risk of death.

Johnson’s Personal Journey and Extreme Rituals

Johnson’s interest in anti-aging stems from his own struggles with chronic depression and weight gain. After selling his company, he faced formidable challenges and developed unhealthy habits, including binge eating trays of brownies. In an effort to reverse his biological clock, Johnson has completely overhauled his daily routine. He now wakes up at 5 a.m., follows a vegan diet, takes 111 supplements, and undergoes various health tests. His extreme rituals also include a rigid bedtime routine and being hooked up to a machine that monitors his nighttime erections.


Bryan Johnson’s Project Blueprint has generated both intrigue and skepticism. While some see it as an innovative approach to combating aging, others question the effectiveness and safety of such extreme regimens. The inclusion of potentially ineffective ingredients and the high cost of participation raise concerns about the true benefits of Project Blueprint. As the selected participants begin their 90-day journey, the results and implications of this controversial anti-aging regimen will undoubtedly spark further debate and discussion.

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