Maria Bello’s Journey to Embrace Menopause: Fighting Aging and Embracing Self-Reflection

6 December 2023

The acclaimed actress opens up about her battle against signs of aging and her decision to embrace menopause as a transformative phase of life.

In a candid Instagram post, actress Maria Bello revealed her struggles with aging and the steps she took to combat the changes brought on by menopause. Bello, known for her roles in films such as “A History of Violence” and “The Cooler,” shared her journey of self-reflection and acceptance, highlighting the importance of embracing menopause as a transformative phase rather than trying to resist its effects.

Battling the Signs of Aging

Maria Bello detailed her efforts to fight the signs of aging, both physically and mentally. She acknowledged the challenges she faced during the early stages of menopause, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Bello tried various methods, including taking bio-identical hormones, dieting rigorously, and experimenting with medications like Ozempic. Despite her efforts, she still experienced weight gain and faced side effects from some treatments.

Embracing Self-Reflection

After exhausting various physical interventions, Bello realized the importance of focusing on her mental well-being. She embarked on a journey of self-reflection, seeking therapy and even exploring alternative treatments like micro-dosing psilocybin. Bello’s decision to step away from Hollywood and social media allowed her to immerse herself in this process of self-discovery.

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Moving to Paris and Carl Jung’s Mid-Life Tasks

In October 2021, Bello made a significant change by relocating to Paris. Inspired by the teachings of renowned psychologist Carl Jung, who viewed aging as a developmental process, she decided to embrace the pause in menopause. Bello delved into the seven tasks of mid-life that Jung spoke about, focusing on personal growth and self-acceptance.

Sharing Her Journey

With her Instagram post, Bello expressed her desire to share her two-year journey of self-acceptance. Using hashtags such as #thepause and #mariasmenopause, she hinted at future posts that would delve deeper into her experiences. Bello hopes that her openness will inspire others going through menopause to approach it with acceptance and embrace the transformative nature of this phase.


Maria Bello’s candid Instagram post sheds light on the challenges she faced while trying to combat the signs of aging brought on by menopause. Her journey of self-reflection and acceptance serves as a reminder that menopause is not something to be feared or resisted but rather embraced as a transformative phase of life. Bello’s openness and willingness to share her experiences will undoubtedly inspire others to approach menopause with a sense of self-acceptance and empowerment.

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